Team Sleep’s Todd Wilkinson Recovering From Open Heart Surgery

Team Sleep’s Todd Wilkinson recently had to undergo open heart surgery. The guitarist has already been discharged from the hospital and is currently recovering at home.

Wilkinson said the following:

“I got an infection when they cut my umbilical cord right after I was born. The infection went into my blood and I almost died. They said that I might not walk because the infection affected the bone in my left leg. It also damaged my heart.

Yesterday I had open heart surgery to repair my aortic valve and aorta. It was planned for a while. The doctors said that for basically my whole life my aortic valve has been leaking and the blood flow has been really inefficient. I think one of the doctors said that it’s been pumping at about 70% of capacity.

It’s hard to tell if this has been affecting me because I always think that if I’m tired or winded, I just need to try harder. Obviously I’m in pain and the recovery will be tough. They said that it will take 4-6 weeks before I can go back to work and about 3-5 months until I can be rigorously active, at which time I look forward to showing off my scar, surfing, and busting your ass at basketball if you step up. 💔❤️”

He later added:

“Made it home. Went for a walk around the block (the short way, I cut through the alley 😂). Physical therapist came by and said all the numbers look perfect. What’s left? Watch b-ball, read, and eat my cousin Angela’s lasagna for dinner. Feeling stronger every day. 💪❤️🙏”

[via The PRP]

Team Sleep (Deftones) Share In-Studio Performance Video For “Blvd. Nights”

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