Dave Lombardo (Ex-Slayer) Puts An End To Philm

Dave Lombardo (ex-Slayer) has revealed that he has put an end to Philm. He tweeted the following:

He also discussed the split with Dean Delray on “Let There Be Talk,” but didn’t offer too many specifics. You can check out the podcast below:

If you don’t want to listen, you can just read what he had to say (transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“I’m not gonna talk about it. They didn’t want me to promote the band while I was with them, and I’m certainly not gonna do it when I’m without them.”

“I don’t wanna talk about it anymore. Yeah, so I just said, ‘See ya!”

As he mentioned in his tweet, Lombardo has been keeping busy with his new band Dead Cross, who are currently in the studio.

Philm Premiere New Song “Fire From The Evening Sun”

Philm, the band featuring ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, have premiered the title track from their new album, Fire From The Evening Sun, via Loudwire. The album will be released September 16.

Click the LINK to go to the stream.


Philm Announce Details For “Fire From The Evening Sun”

According to Blabbermouth, Philm, the band featuring ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, have announced the details for their second album. The album will be titled “Fire From The Evening Sun” and will be released September 16.


Track List:

01. Train
02. Fire From The Evening Sun
03. Lady Of The Lake
04. Lion’s Pit
05. Silver Queen
06. We Sail At Dawn
07. Omniscience
08. Fanboy
09. Luxhaven
10. Blue Dragon
11. Turn In The Sky
12. Corner Girl

Update On New Philm EP

According to Loudwire, Dave Lombardo has issued an update on the new Philm EP. He said the following via Facebook:

“Yesterday I recorded 5 songs and 1 improvised piece for the new PHILM EP. We plan on releasing this in aproximately 9 months. I would like to thank Scott Frankfurt Studio and Sharon Frankfurt for their impeccable hospitality and the chance to break in some of that fancy recording gear. Oh! and of course… Sharon’s amazing Cafe Americano that helped fuel this recording session. I would like to also thank Pancho Tomaselli
and @Gerry Nestler for their remarkable talent..

Gotta get back to work.

Philm have been discussing new material since the release of Harmonic, in 2012, and now fans finally have a timeline for a future release.

(Image from Philm's Facebook)

(Image from Philm’s Facebook)