Paul Masvidal (Cynic) Premieres “Nebula” Video

Cynic’s Paul Masvidal has premiered a new video for his song “Nebula.” This track is from his latest EP “Mythical.“ That effort is the first part of a trilogy of EPs. The second and third parts, “Human” and “Vessel,“ will be released at a later date. Masvidal said the following about “Nebula”:

“Songwriting is a nebulous and mysterious thing, kinda like being alive. And so I leave you with this experience of the song as a viewer, listening in the dark.”

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Paul Masvidal (Cynic) Premieres New Song “Parasite”

Cynic’s Paul Masvidal has premiered a new song titled “Parasite.” This track is from his new EP “Mythical,“ which will be released on May 31. That effort is the first part of a trilogy of EPs. The second and third parts, “Human” and “Vessel,“ will be released at a later date.

Cynic’s Paul Masvidal To Release “Mythical Human Vessel” Trilogy Of Records

Cynic’s Paul Masvidal has announced that he will be releasing a trilogy of records titled “Mythical Human Vessel.” The first part, “Mythical,” will be released on May 31 and the first single “The Spaces” can be streamed below:

Here’s a description of the project:

“At the center of Masvidal’s experiment is the use of Isochronic tones, a “brain-entrainment” technology. Isochronics are said to produce bio-chemical reactions in the body that increase serotonin, alleviate depression and stress, improve focus, and aid in restful sleep, similar to the effects of exposure to negative ions in nature.

Through its incorporation of Isochronic tones, Mythical Human Vessel is intended as “an inherently relaxing listening experience, and adding the tones multiplied the benefits,” Masvidal says. “More serotonin for all!”

Throughout all three volumes of Mythical Human Vessel, the sound of undulating and sweeping frequencies in slow and rapid succession act as a subliminal agent to affect the listener positively and help to create a deeper connection to the songs themselves.”

Pre-orders can be found HERE. It’s also worth noting that Masvidal is working on a special live show that will use technology and imagery from Greymar.

Cynic’s Paul Masvidal Teases Song From Upcoming Solo Album

Cynic’s Paul Masvidal has shared a teaser of one of the tracks from his upcoming solo acoustic album. That effort is expected to be released in the coming months.

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Cynic’s Paul Masvidal Planning To Release Three Mini-Concept Records

Cynic’s Paul Masvidal has revealed that he is planning to release three mini-concept records. He said the following about that:

“Over the next six months I will be releasing a trio of conceptual mini-records titled Mythical Human Vessel. I’m inviting filmmakers, editors, animators and other visually inclined artists to put these new songs to visuals. This is a self-funded “art for art’s sake” project. If interested, please reach out and include a link to your work! Namaste. Thank you.”

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