Nuclear Power Trio Premiere “A Clear And Present Rager” Video

Nuclear Power Trio, the band featuring “Donald Trump,” “Vladimir Putin,” and “Kim Jong-un,” have premiered a new video for the title track of their new EP “A Clear And Present Rager.” That effort will be released on October 30.

“A Clear And Present Rager” Track Listing:

01. “A Clear And Present Rager”
02. “Grab ‘Em By The Pyongyang”
03. “The Fusion Collusion”
04. “Ukraine In The Membrane”
05. “Mutually Assured Seduction”

“Trump” said the following about the EP:

“Frankly, a lot of power trio recordings are just pathetic. We thought about records we all liked sonically and kept coming back to ‘Cattle Decapitation‘, so it was terrific that Dave [Otero, producer] had us all out to beautiful Colorado to golf and record.”

“Putin” added the following when asked about the band’s plans to achieve peace through music:

“Everything will probably never be good for people, but we have to try, because I truly believe in the power of music. Do you see my heart?” Vladimir was shirtless, on one of his majestic white horses, tapping a finger to his chest. “I play from here.”

The following was also said in a press release:

“The EP’s October release is set immediately before the United States presidential elections, a timely moment to catalyze a bold and conscientious path towards world peace. Our world has seen more than enough conflict. If there’s a chance at unity, if there’s a chance to turn gnarly riffage into a better society, then it’s a chance that must be taken.

These three leaders are no strangers to stopping at nothing to get what they want – and they want peace. The unknown future rolls toward us, but we face it, for the first time, with a sense of hope. If these three men, these world leaders of differing views and morals, can learn the value of a peaceful existence on Earth through music, maybe we can too.”