Northlane Part Ways With Bassist Brendon Padjasek

Northlane have parted ways with Brendon Padjasek. The bassist left the group to focus on his home life. The band will now be moving forward as a four-piece. On another note, Northlane have also announced that they have officially gone independent through a new partnership with Believe. This news comes after they released an official video for their new song “Clockwork” earlier today (March 18).

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Northlane To Release “5G” Remix EP

Northlane have announced that they will be releasing a new remix EP titled “5G” on February 26. The effort will feature the following tracks:

01. “Bloodline” (HEALTH remix)
02. “4D” (Mashd N Kutcher remix)
03. “Vultures” (Mr. Bill remix)
04. “Ohm” (Northlane remix)
05. “Sleepless” (PhaseOne remix)

Josh Smith commented:

“We wanted to curate a remix record for quite some time. The idea really got some legs on our last European tour, and with some idle time on our hands the back end of 2020 was the perfect time to get this project fully underway. We’ve handpicked some of our favourite artists to work with outside of the metal genre to take our songs and make them their own.”

Watch Northlane’s “Live At The Roundhouse” Set

Northlane have shared footage of their entire October 11, 2019 performance at The Roundhouse in Sydney, Australia. That show was previously available to stream as part of a virtual event last year and was later released as a digital live album titled “Live At The Roundhouse.”

Northlane Cancel 2021 Summer European Festival Tour

Northlane have cancelled their summer run on the European festival circuit due to the coronavirus pandemic. The band said they will now be “focusing on [their] music and taking up opportunities to play for [their] fans at home.”

The group commented:

“2020 was the year from hell for most of you and this year so far, feels quite the same. While music is a refuge from your daily struggles, it can’t replace the fact that there have been drastic changes, losses of jobs, houses and loved ones.

Like many in our line of work, we’ve been off the road for almost a year now. With most of the band living under strict lockdown in Melbourne for the majority of the year, it’s been a struggle to say the least.

We were booked to play a run of festivals in Europe over June 2020. Every single one of those dates was cancelled and pushed back into mid 2021. The European festival circuit is the peak of touring for us and we’ve been looking forward to it, albeit with a sense of apprehension of whether or not it would go ahead.

We planned to wait it out and see, but we’ve been forced to make a call on it now, and unfortunately our decision has been to cancel our entire European festival run. We could sit on our hands and wait to find out, or move forward with alternate plans that put us in a position of far less risk.

While we are not ones to shirk our commitments to these festivals, promoters and our fans, we needed to put ourselves first in this situation, not to mention the health and wellbeing of our crew and fans. We didn’t want to wait for a tour that might never happen, and we didn’t want to be coerced into a situation where we are compromising safety and potentially spending weeks in isolation to travel to the other side of the world.

With so much uncertainty it did not make sense for us to sit idle and wait. Instead, we will be focusing on our music and taking up opportunities to play for our fans at home. That being said, we are already plotting our return to Europe and the UK, and when the time is right, and the world is less crazy, we’ll be back bigger and better than ever.

In the meantime, if you happen to live in Australia you can catch us at Full Tilt.”

Northlane To Release “Live At The Roundhouse” Live Album On Friday

Northlane will be releasing a new live album titled “Live At The Roundhouse” this Friday (August 28). The effort will feature audio from the band’s October 11, 2019 performance at The Roundhouse in Sydney, Australia. That show was recently available online for those that bought tickets to view the stream.

Northlane Share “Details Matter” Live Video From “Live At The Roundhouse”

Northlane have shared a new live video for their song “Details Matter.“ The clip was recorded during the band’s October 11, 2019 set at The Roundhouse in Sydney, Australia. The full show will be available to stream on August 21-22 for those that purchase tickets at

Northlane To Stream “Live At The Roundhouse” Show Next Month

Northlane will be streaming their October 11, 2019 show at The Roundhouse in Sydney, Australia on August 21-22 via Netgigs. Tickets for the screenings will be available at

Guitarist Josh Smith commented:

“One of the most incredible, moving moments we’ve ever had on stage for me was when we played ‘Sleepless‘ for the first time at our show at the Roundhouse. Knowing what events had transpired not too long before that, and what the song was about I could tell Marcus was struggling when I got up there.

By the time the song had finished he was in tears and he just soldiered on though the rest of the encore like nothing was wrong at all. I could tell on the inside he was just bleeding out. It was one of the bravest moments I’ve ever witnessed.”

The band also added:

“Like everybody on this platform around the world, we really miss live music. Both watching and performing, it’s a life changing and defining passion that runs through our veins.
We’ve always wanted to bring this experience home to you, and right now there is no better time to do that.

If you’ve watched Negative Energy, you’ll know how big of a deal it was to come and sell out the Roundhouse in Sydney on the Alien world tour, after such a difficult time prior to this landmark album coming out. We knew we’d want to revisit this night so we brought in a whole camera crew, captured all the audio and had it pro mixed & mastered. Many of the older songs sound better than they ever did on record.

This will be your ONLY chance to watch this show in it’s entirety. Tickets are $10USD per stream. Not bad for the price of a beer in Sydney. We’ll be live chatting to you during the event too.”

You can get a taste of the performance by watching a live video for “Bloodline” below:

Northlane Release “Alien” B-Side “Enemy Of The Night”

Northlane have released a new song titled “Enemy Of The Night.“ The track was recorded during the “Alien” sessions and it will appear on the new limited edition deluxe version of the album. That effort will be released on July 31 and it will also include an instrumental version of “Alien.” You can pre-order that on neon pink vinyl HERE. Marcus Bridge said the following about “Enemy Of The Night”:

“‘Enemy of the Night‘ was the last song to be completed and is personally my favorite song from the ‘Alien’ sessions. It has a similar storytelling style to [the song] ‘Freefall,’ as it recounts memories and experiences from my childhood of my father falling deeper into addiction and the desperate things people will do to satisfy those needs. Despite his best efforts, he was never able to beat his demons. This song is the missing piece to the ‘Alien’ puzzle and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”