Memoriam Premiere New Song “Total War”

Memoriam (ex-Bolt Thrower, etc.) have premiered a new song titled “Total War.” This track is from the band’s new album “Rise To Power,” which will be released on February 3. Karl Willetts commented:

“‘TOTAL WAR.’ This track serves as the second track on the album Rise To Power. Lyrically, it draws reference from what is happening in the world right now, specifically relating to the war in Ukraine. It seems that after writing lyrics about ‘war’ for the past thirty years, they seem more relevant now than they have ever been. Overall, the track is a savage attack on the senses in line with the lyrical content. NOW THE WAR MACHINE IS FED…”

Memoriam Premiere “All Is Lost” Music Video

Memoriam have premiered a new video for their new song “All Is Lost.“ This track is from the band’s new album “Rise To Power,“ which will be released on February 3.

Director Hal Sinden commented:

“The members of Memoriam are legends in their own right within the international extreme metal community, amassing decades of prestige through work in previous acts such as Bolt Thrower, Benediction, and The Damned. When I was approached by them and their record label, Reaper Entertainment, to create their first music video for ‘Rise To Power,’ I was initially stunned but then overwhelmingly eager to create something special for them.

Our mutually agreed principle was to avoid the ‘band performs in nondescript warehouse’ trope and to weave as much of a story as possible within the song’s six-minute running time. The lyrics to ‘All Is Lost‘ are succinct enough to present a stern atmosphere but open enough for personal interpretation, and in this instance we found that the narrative theme unexpectedly resonated with current affairs, certainly within the UK, as we approached the dates of production.”

Memoriam To Release New Album “Rise To Power” In February

Memoriam (ex-Bolt Thrower) will be releasing a new album, titled “Rise To Power,“ on February 3. The effort’s first single, “All Is Lost,” will debut on December 9.

“Rise To Power” Track Listing:

01. “Never Forget, Never Again (6 Million Dead)”
02. “Total War”
03. “I Am The Enemy”
04. “The Conflict Is Within”
05. “Annihilation’s Dawn”
06. “All Is Lost”
07. “Rise To Power”
08. “This Pain”

The band commented:

“Introducing album number five, Rise To Power, the second album of the second trilogy. For this album we again worked with the creative genius, Mr. Dan Seagrave. Dan has created the previous four album covers for us, so to keep the theme and continuity there would be no other choice.

We love the work he creates and to be part of the creative process whilst the artwork is developing is a great experience. To see our basic ideas come to life through his mind and hands is amazing and he always delivers. This time around the cover has a majestic purple color theme and features the ‘King’ — the central character throughout all of the artwork that Dan has created for us — at his crowning ceremony where he ‘rises to power.’

The lyrical content of the new album carries on from those that precede it, maintaining the theme of grief, loss, and despair along with social commentary on recent events such as the war in Ukraine and past events such as the Holocaust. The ever-present subject of war is prevalent throughout the album as it is on all of the others.

We consider Rise To Power our strongest album to date, as it includes a diverse range of songs building on what we have achieved with Memoriam over the past seven years. Rise To Power is a true celebration of life through death metal.”

Dan Seagrave added:

“In this cover, as with the previous albums we are working backwards from the war. The premise finds the main leader’s coronation as supreme ruler, his followers always a semi faceless army as is the leader, preferring to keep their face a figment of the viewer’s imagination — emotionless behind a façade.

The architectural environment I put together is based on memories of visiting the ruins of Roman Emperor Hadrian’s Villa in 2017 – a location often drawn by the Italian artist Piranesi. And it’s also his rendering of the Appian Way that I was thinking about for this. Giving the art a hemmed in archaic and historically overbuilt quality.

Similarly, another point of reference was the hall of plaster casts in the Victoria And Albert Museum. This in particular has an imposing feeling when you stand amongst the variety of historical casts and their disproportionate scales. Items like the full scale casting of Rome’s Trajan’s column, and a statue of David juxtaposed in one place create a disjointed feeling amongst the smaller works.

I wanted this cover to have a similar feel to that, like things are appropriated from somewhere else repurposed by the reigning mob as a backdrop for their own glory. Combining that and an imagined early 20th century retro modernity feel, with the addition of electrical grid like elements and war machines tanks that feature semi elaborate sculpture reliefs, alluding to an impracticality: Image over function.”

Memoriam Premiere New Song “Failure To Comply”

Memoriam have premiered a new song titled “Failure To Comply.” This track is from the band’s new album “To The End,” which will be released on March 26.

Karl Willetts commented:

“This is one of the first songs that came together for the new album. It’s got a serious political theme to it, written in the same time span of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ demonstrations. So this song is inspired by these events and it is inspired by a friend of mine, who was involved in one of these demonstrations in the USA. She was there to video the event.

And in the process of this, she managed to get arrested and received 80 hours of community service for her work on the demonstration. But she managed to get very good video footage of the police, warning the crowd and threatening to use chemical weapons to get them off the streets.

It was frightening to see these scenes and it inspired me to write the lyrics of the song. So the lyrics fit very well with the music, which is very hard and hitting. This song is a tribute to all people who were part of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations and of course to my friend.”

Memoriam Premiere New Song “Onwards Into Battle”

Memoriam have premiered a new song titled “Onwards Into Battle.” This track is from the band’s new album “To The End,” which will be released on March 26. Karl Willetts commented:

“‘Onwards Into Battle’ is the opening track from the new album, ‘To The End’. A powerful introduction that sets the tone of the album and gives the listener a taste of what is to come. Lyrically, the track provides continuity from the previous album, ‘Requiem For Mankind,’ and is similar in many ways to the track ‘Fixed Bayonets’. The lyrics focus on the start of battle Zero Hour which is appropriate for the start of the album, within the theme of war the lyrics explore the brutally of trench warfare specifically. The war continues. Let battle commence.”

Memoriam To Release New Album “To The End” In March

Memoriam have announced that they will be releasing their new album “To The End” on March 26. The effort’s first single “Onwards Into Battle” will be released on January 22.

The following was said about the album:

“Marking the beginning of a second trilogy of albums, ‘To The End’ serves as something of a prologue to the first three Memoriam albums. Working backwards and narrating the life story of the leader whose demise was depicted in the first trilogy, the lyrics on the album may play out in a fictional realm, but they incorporate inspiration from real life. A central theme of war is coloured with political fulminations and everyday experiences that combine to create a cohesive and enthralling chronicle.”

The band also commented on the cover art:

“We are really chuffed to be collaborating with Dan [Seagrave], his vision and interpretation of ideas are totally unique and its fantastic to be involved in the creative process with him – seeing the ideas that we have transformed into stunning images that we are proud to have as artwork for our albums. His style is second to none, so much so that using any other artist at this point would seem like a compromise; his attention to detail is incredible. ‘To The End’ is the first album of this trilogy and features the events that led up to the scenes depicted on our first album, ‘For the Fallen’. The art shows the king leading his troops into the last battle in which he was killed. It looks bloody killer.”

Seagrave added:

“In this moment we’re capturing the dawn of the onslaught of the city; visible from the industrial outskirts, as the forces descend with a pincer movement into the valley, spreading destruction towards their goal. The king character to me at this stage has become something of a creature – beyond human. There is an elemental shift in its DNA and a detachment of its ordinary senses. Held together by earthly materials, I feel its presence brings with it a surrealistic sickness that affects the immediate environment and those who tread within its boundaries.

My aesthetic look of this was to combine the retro military tech of the early 20th century with the memory of renaissance times art. For example, tanks that have bas relief sculpture, and inventions such as the flying wingsuit – a metallic armoured vehicle contraption worn by the foreground figure. There’s less of a literal darkness in the depiction. Here there seems to be a permeating flow of dust particles, like a concocting mist of specular ice and grey concrete. The dawn of a bright day reacting with it, both illuminating and deadly.”

Memoriam Recording New Album, Announce New Drummer

Memoriam have entered Parlour Studios to record their new album with producer Russ Russell. The effort, which is titled “To The End,“ will be the band’s first to feature new drummer Spike T Smith. The group commented:

“Andy [Whale] has had to step down from the drum stool permanently due to a long term shoulder injury that is just not getting better whilst playing drums. He did not take the decision lightly and tried to carry on but it affected him so badly playing that he had no choice but to retire from playing for the foreseeable future. Bringing Spike into the fold reunites the rhythm section of Sacrilege. Frank and Spike have worked on and off together since the mid eighties so he fits in very well with Memoriam. The album will showcase his immense drumming skills and he brings in a whole new dynamic to the bands sound. We cannot wait for you to hear him on the finished album.”

Memoriam Premiere “The Veteran” Music Video

Memoriam (ex-Bolt Thrower, etc.) have premiered a new video for their song “The Veteran “ This track is from the band’s latest album “Requiem For Mankind.“

The clip was created by British army veteran Daniel Dodd, who had the following to say:

“I joined the British Army as an Infantryman in January 2005 and served a 7 month tour of Iraq in 2006, returning home in May 2007. I was medically discharged with PTSD in late 2011 just 6 months prior to another deployment, this time to Afghanistan.

Within twelve months of being back in the UK after my operational tour I was noticing considerable amounts of differences in my behaviour, from the amount of alcohol I would consume on a weekly basis to escape the replay of disturbing thoughts I would have, which would lead me to losing sleep and also resulting in an addiction to sleeping tablets, falling into severe depression. I became very aggressive and I was arrested multiple times for fighting both sober and under the influence, I had a thrist for confrontation at this point and I felt uncontrollable.

I suffered with survivors guilt after losing close friends to the enemy during my deployment, but as a result of my own physical injuries which I sustained whilst in a firefight, I believed I should have also been killed and felt that I was better off dead than I was alive, as I still could not escape the nightmares, the flashbacks, lack of sleep etc.

So after a few years of being in and out of therapy and being on medication, I found that my escape was no longer alcohol or violence but walking, going on adventures alone with my camera and capturing memories that were positive and working on those rather than the ones I was battling against.

In regards to making the self portraits that visually represent Psychosis and other mental health issues, I was a little reluctant to put myself back into that particular frame of mind for the sake of my work – especially as I had only encountered my first and hopefully my last episode of Psychosis last Christmas. It was still very raw with me but I took that opportunity to create the most honest photographs that I possibly could with how I was feeling at that time, and I felt that it was important for me to document those times and how I was seeing myself – as I document most things in my life now and use them to build a stronger and better relationship with not only myself, but everybody around me.

I think it is great that Memoriam are using the subject of veterans in their music and highlighting the issues that are very relevant in not only veterans who have served in wars post 2003, but prior to that. Also I couldn’t imagine anybody who has been in my position, similar or worse, not relating to even one of the matters that Memoriam have expressed in the song ‘The Veteran‘.

The music may not be to everybody’s taste but neither is War, and unfortunately there is truth to be told and found in both of those. I really enjoyed creating the video for ‘The Veteran‘ though and I found it to be a way of therapy for myself thankfully and I surprised myself, it’s the first time I have used my work in this way, so I am thankful for the opportunity given to me by a dear friend of mine Timm Sonnenschien. I would be interested in creating some more work of a similar nature in the future.”

Memoriam Premiere “Undefeated” Lyric Video

Memoriam (ex-Bolt Thrower, etc.) have premiered a lyric video for their new song “Undefeated “ This track is from the band’s new album “Requiem For Mankind,“ which will be released on June 21. Karl Willetts commented:

“‘Undefeated‘ – this track is a fist pumping anthem. It is a statement of strength and empowerment. We all go through life and experience hardship and pain, but it is how you come through it that counts. It’s a song that reflects how we feel about what we have achieved in our lives…I think that is something that everyone can relate to. The lyrics are about being true to yourself and through adversity retaining integrity and staying strong. Remaining undefeated.”

Memoriam Premiere New Song “Shell Shock”

Memoriam (ex-Bolt Thrower, etc.) have premiered a new song titled “Shell Shock.” This track is from the band’s new album “Requiem For Mankind,” which will be released on a June 21.

The group commented:

“A new Memoriam song, a new approach, and as with all our albums a new sound for us to use. ‘Shell Shock‘ is the first track we recorded for the Requiem For Mankind album. It is a bit of a death metal headbanger of a track! Subject wise, it deals with the effects of being on the frontline amongst all the noise and chaos of a horrific war situation from an individual standpoint, and also that the soldier does not die from an enemy bullet! Sound wise it needed to sound a bit epic, we think we have achieved this on ‘Shellshock’ and have used this as the blueprint sound throughout the album.”

“Requiem For Mankind” Track Listing:

01. “Shell Shock”
02. “Undefeated”
03. “Never The Victim”
04. “Austerity Kills”
05. “In The Midst Of Desolation”
06. “Refuse To Be Led”
07. “The Veteran”
08. “Requiem For Mankind”
09. “Fixed Bayonets”
10. “Interment”