Lakeshore (Ex-Emmure) Tease New Song “Kings (The Reawakening)”

Lakeshore, the band featuring ex-Emmure members Joe Lionetti and Ben Lionetti, are teasing their new song “Kings (The Reawakening)” feat. Karl Schubach (ex-Misery Signals) and Jessie Freeland (ex-The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza). This track is from the band’s new EP “41.”

Metal Anarchy Exclusive: Interview With Lakeshore (Ex-Emmure)

Lakeshore, the band featuring ex-Emmure members Joe Lionetti and Ben Lionetti, will soon be releasing their new EP “41,” and I was given the opportunity to discuss the effort and more in a new interview with Ben Lionetti. You can check out the chat below.

METAL ANARCHY: First of all, what would you like readers of this site to know about your band?

LIONETTI: This is a band with deep musical roots, we write music that feels good. We aren’t going to held down by genre standards. Our first single for “History” is definitely a more mainstream rock oriented song as to where our next single “Kings” is more of a heavy groove oriented track featuring Karl Shubach of Misery Signals and Jessie Freeland of The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza. We are trying to get back to our roots, we grew up listening to bands like Aerosmith where their songs each had its own flavor like “Walk This Way” to “Love In An Elevator” different styles and influences but still rock and sound like the same band.

METAL ANARCHY: Lakeshore has a different sound as compared to yours and Joe’s former band Emmure. What made you go in a different direction with this project?

LIONETTI: With Emmure Joe and I never really felt 100% fulfilled, although we loved starting that band and playing in it, it has afforded us the opportunity to live our dreams. With Lakeshore as I said before we wanted to do what felt good, what felt right and this is the most free we’ve felt. The music like it or not, is as pure and genuine as we can be and a complete reflection of ourselves.

METAL ANARCHY: You recently released a video for your single “History.” What would you like readers to know about that track and its accompanying video?

LIONETTI: “History” is obviously a track about our past music experiences good and bad. Its more about letting go and looking forward. I’ve noticed a lot of the outlets are giving it titles like we’re talking shit or something about Emmure but it couldn’t be further from the truth we love Josh Travis he’s been one of my oldest friends in the biz. Obviously their singer has had things to say and then we drop a song like “History” but as far as we are concerned its just part of the art and each parties expression.

METAL ANARCHY: I was fortunate to hear a few tracks off your new EP “41” early. One song that stood out was the previously mentioned “Kings.” How did the collaboration with Shubach and Freeland come about?

LIONETTI: I have known Karl and Jessie since we started touring in Emmure, on our first tour ever Jessie hooked us up with a show in TN and one of Emmure’s first bigger tours was with Misery Signals in the US and then again in UK/Europe. I have always been a huge fan of both and they continue to be great friends. Karl actually did a part on a song on the “Goodbye To The Gallows” record, so with this song it felt right, and even if people get a sort of “they went soft” view, we wanted to let everyone know with “Kings” this is only the beginning. So bear with us as we bring Lakeshore to life over the coming months

METAL ANARCHY: Is there anything else you would like add about “41”?

LIONETTI: The EP will be coming out later this year, we are in the process of doing another music video for “Kings” so thank you to everyone who has supported us so far and we appreciate you guys being so patient as we get this thing up and running!

I would like to thank Lionetti for the interview. If you missed it, check out the band’s video for “History” below:

Lakeshore (Ex-Emmure) Premiere “History” Music Video

Lakeshore, the band featuring ex-Emmure members Joe Lionetti and Ben Lionetti, have premiered a new video for their new song “History,” via Rock Sound. This track is from the band’s new EP “41.”

Ben Lionetti commented:

“The first single “History” is about Joe and I’s history in music and really an ode to Emmure. It is a very personal song. We wanted to be very direct in what we said about the past as well as take a strong stand on what we intend for the future. We try to be positive and meaningful when we write music, yet have each and every listener be able to apply it to their own life, if it can help in anyway.”