Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach Shares Two New The Way Back Within Tracks

Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach has shared two new tracks, “Khoa Sok Gibbon Calls” and “From The East, Wind,” from his ambient project The Way Back Within. You can stream those below:

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2 new songs added to my The Way Back Within bandcamp page (Search “The Way Back Within on bandcamp). One track is a 5:31 minutes of sound recording of Gibbons I captured in the Jungle of Thailand with music I wrote over it. The second is a 17:22 minute super mellow meditative track inspired by a random snow fall that came out of nowhere yesterday amidst patches of sun. I actually nodded off to sleep in the midst of making it! I was so relaxed watching the snow fall from my bed propped up with pillows playing my keyboard. So that one is recommended for deep relaxation. If you’ve been keeping track there is a total of 5 songs up there for a total of 43 minutes of music. The song order as they were created in chronological order so far is as follows: The Path Afterglow Adrift Adrift Khoa Sok Gibbon Calls From The East, Wind . Thank you all so much for your support on this! I am pleasantly surprised at the amount of love I have received! When I finally decided to allow people to hear this side of me I would of never imagined people would care as much as they have! More to come as inspiration strikes. As always with these I recommend listening with headphones and breathing deeply🙏🏼 Song playing: Khoa Sok Gibbon Calls. #TheWayBackWithIn #Ambient #MeditiaiveMusic #MentalHealthMusic #Soothing #Peaceful #JesseLeach #HealingThroughNature

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Jesse Leach (Killswitch Engage) Shares New The Way Back Within Track “Afterglow”

Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach has shared a new track, titled “Afterglow,” from his ambient project The Way Back Within. The frontman commented:

“New meditative ambient project “The Way Back Within” is on my @bandcamp. High quality download available: or just simply search the name. The newest track is called “Afterglow”. It was inspired this morning after watching the stunning and film “Samsara.” Its a track I hope soothes, inspires and allows the listener to sit with in a certain feeling. I recorded it in about an hour or so as it was just flowing out of me. Peace friends thanks for listening and remember listen on your headphones for the best experience 🙏🏼 #Ambient #TheWayBackWithIn #MentalHealthMusic #Peace #Hope”

Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach Sharing “Meditative Ambient Music” On Bandcamp

Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach has launched a new Bandcamp page to release “meditative ambient music” under the name The Way Back Within. The first track, “The Path,” is available now.

Leach commented:

“While I have time on my hands and many thoughts. One way I thought I could express some of that was through music. So I started a page on @bandcamp for my meditative ambient music called “The Way Back Within” (Headphones highly recommended for all of this music).

I’ve been creating this type of music for the better part of 2 decades but very rarely share any of it. At the moment there is one track up but I have many more to come. I also need to thank my girl @porphyraphilia for the use of her soothing voice on this track as she gently speaks some words of wisdom and encouragement on the first track called “The Path.” We are what we create with in ourselves after all, so with this I choose to create a healing sound. I’m pleased to share with you this little known side of me.

Remember to breathe deep and face each new day with a calm determination (as hard as that may be in these times.) My hope is this music helps to soothe the anxious soul. Lord knows we all need it now more than ever. Thanks for listening 🙏🏼 #TheWayBackWithIn #Ambient #Music #Chillout #Meditative #Nature #Calm #Peace #BreatheDeep #BeStill”

Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach Shares Demo Of New Electronic Track That He Worked On With His Girlfriend

Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach has shared a demo of a new electronic track titled “Luminescent Dreams.” The song is collaboration between the singer and his girlfriend.

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This was a one shot take by @warren_archer of a freestyle performance that seemed to be a perfect match for this song. I edited the song to the video took me a few minutes and it looked great! I didn’t shoot this one but I plan on doing some pro style stuff for us when we have the ability to do so. @porphyra.philia is a beast when she performs (doing aerial dancing is NOT easy, it takes a lot of core strength)! I love to watch her do her thing from silks to Lyra and pole. She is a beautiful woman that has an intelligent, passionate, loyal and poetic soul! I’m proud to work with her! I can’t wait for more collaborations and eventual live performances! Link in our Bio above on to download a high quality version of the song! We are working on more stuff to be released soon! Thanks for watching and listening 🤘🏼 Hails 💀 -Jesse . #WeAreDeadTrees #AerialPerformance #PoleDance #BeastMode #DeadTrees #ElectronicMusic #Dubstep #Industrial #Metal #DarkElectro #Goth #JesseLeach #WeAreDeadTrees

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