Fuel Premiere New Song “Hard”

Fuel have premiered a new song titled “Hard.” This track will appear on the band’s upcoming album “Ånomåly.” That effort will be the band’s first to feature their new lineup, which consists of guitarist Carl Bell, drummer Kevin Miller, singer/guitarist John Corsale, guitarist Mark Klotz, and bassist Tommy Nat.

Bell told Loudwire the following about the song:

“I’ve been writing songs for so long and my brain clicked right back into full band mode and I just started writing. You know how you used to keep a recorder by the side of your bed, but now you’ve got your phone there? “Hard,” I still have the recording and I just listened to it the other day.

It was late August [when I wrote it], but I just went back to hear cause it’s interesting to see now that it’s completed where it started. So in my head, the original idea, I recorded it in the middle of the night. I’ve trained myself that when you’ve got a song idea, you put it down cause you never know.

I’ve also learned during writing that you try to grab in that moment of inspiration as much as you can and try to get a working title. There’s a bolt of lightning situation for me as a writer that happens. But as I went back and listened to it, I’ve got little pieces of lyrics already, I know what the guitars are gonna do and what the bass is gonna do and what the drums are gonna do, and even on “Hard,” I sang the solo into the phone cause I heard the solo in my head too. That’s just the way I write and the way I work and that’s how “Hard” came out.”

Fuel Return With New Singer John Corsale, Tease New Song “Hard”

Fuel have officially returned with a new lineup consisting of guitarist Carl Bell, drummer Kevin Miller, singer/guitarist John Corsale, guitarist Mark Klotz, and bassist Tommy Nat. The band’s new album, “Ånomåly,” is set to be released in October and a teaser for its first single, “Hard,” can be found below. The full track will be released on July 9.

Bell commented:

“We were just patient with each other. From the first conversation, I recognized the same feeling in Kevin’s voice. Fuel was huge for us. It was a great moment in our lives, and Kevin was as grateful for the opportunities that Fuel gave us as I was. We bonded on that fact. I would’ve taken a bullet for him — I still would.”

Miller continued:

“For me, new beginnings are exciting, but more often than not, they scare the shit out of me. As much as I love touching my toe to new water, I’m always afraid of the creatures lingering in the depths. I am incredibly excited about this new venture and new lineup of FUEL. Making this record shed a lot of light on what will be, such an amazing amount of talent in this band.”

Bell also added:

“A few months ago, I had no idea I would be returning to Fuel full time, so when it happened, my first call was to Kevin. He simply said, ‘I have the band. I promise you, these are the guys.’ He was right. All are great musicians, and John is this 26-year-old great guitarist as well as a great vocalist and frontman. He sounds fantastic on the album and amazing on our previous hits as well. From the moment I first heard him play and sing, I thought, ‘Wow… This just got real interesting.'”