Fuel Premiere New Song “I’m Gone”

Fuel have premiered a new song titled “I’m Gone.” This track is from the band’s new album “Ånomåly,” which will be released on October 22. Carl Bell commented:

“As a songwriter, the brain becomes hypersensitive to any input and songs can come from anywhere at any time. For ‘I’m Gone’, I was working on another song entirely and I was just checking to make sure the guitar was getting sound through the channel. I absentmindedly just played a riff, and instantly I stopped and thought, ‘What was that? That was kind of interesting.’ I had just played the opening guitar riff to ‘I’m Gone’. I stopped everything I was doing and just started developing the song. Got it to a good place, then recorded it into my phone, and came back later and worked it all out. I thought it was really cool how those guitars just jump right out at you.”

[via BraveWords]