Ellefson-Soto (Ex-Megadeth, Etc.) To Release New Album This Year

During an interview with KNAC.COM, Jeff Scott Soto (Sons Of Apollo) offered an update on his Ellefson-Soto project with David Ellefson (ex-Megadeth). He said the following:

“I can confirm that it’s actually happening. I can confirm that it’s gonna be released this year. And I can confirm that it’s a full-fledged album, it’s a full-fledged commitment that we both put into it. We will be doing shows and dates, et cetera. But that’s about all I can give you right now.”

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Jeff Scott Soto And David Ellefson Have “Something Brewing”

It looks like Jeff Scott Soto (Sons Of Apollo) and David Ellefson (ex-Megadeth) may be working on new material for their Ellefson-Soto project. Soto shared a photo with Ellefson, along with the following caption:

“Something brewing in Los Angeles today….#davidellefson”

Jeff Scott Soto Says His Collaborative Project With David Ellefson Is “On Hold” At The Moment

During an interview with Dr. Music, Jeff Scott Soto (Sons Of Apollo) offered an update on his Ellefson-Soto project with David Ellefson (ex-Megadeth). According to him, the band is currently “on hold” while Ellefson deals with the fallout from his sex video scandal. Soto said the following:

“I’m hoping it will [be released] at some point. I’ve given David, as many people have, the space and the time to kind of deal with his own things. We were full-on getting that thing ready to bounce and to drop, et cetera, and, obviously, things were put on hold for that reason. And it’s just better for things to just kind of go away and kind of calm down, because we don’t need the kind of press that comes with it, especially the comments [from] the Internet cowboys out there. Let it go away, let it just kind of slip under the rug, and I’m sure that stuff is gonna resurface. And the idea of it will resurface and get us out there… I’m sure we’ll revisit it when the time is right.”

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David Ellefson (Megadeth) & Jeff Scott Soto (Sons Of Apollo) Launch New Project Ellefson-Soto

Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and Sons Of Apollo singer Jeff Scott Soto have launched a new project called Ellefson-Soto. The band, which also includes guitarist Andy Martongelli and drummer Paolo Caridi, have released a cover of Riot‘s “Swords & Tequila,” which features Rick Hughes (Sword).

Ellefson commented:

“Jeff and I have been friends for so many years that it’s great to finally collaborate on some material together. He has such a distinctive voice and perfect style for some new ideas my guitarist Andy Martongelli (Ellefson) and I have been composing. We are excited about the progress of it all and thought this would be a perfect time to give a little sneak preview.”

“The first time I ever heard of Riot was on the Castle Donington Monsters of Rock album from 1980. For me, they were the USA representatives during the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. And, ‘Swords & Tequila‘, along with the entire ‘Fire Down Under‘ album for that matter, show the band delivering it’s rowdy and high energy rock n roll like no other band in the USA was doing at that time. So, it is an honor to offer them much deserved reverence, as well as a reminiscent tribute to the mighty Guy Speranza, who fronted the band like a god during that period.”

Soto added:

“As COVID-19 became a big negative around the globe, it actually offered many artists a chance to finally collaborate with one another that might have never happened otherwise…as I have known David for many years, I knew from our other efforts outside of our day jobs that we could come up with some badass jams…and here we are, letting you in on our cool little secret!”

“What can I say? This was a classic metal track from Riot that we all knew growing up, when David brought up that we should cover it I was thrilled. But when we added Rick Hughes from the band Sword onto it, it truly came to life! 40 years after its release, we hope you dig this new version we built for you!”