Death Ray Vision Sign With Metal Blade Records, Announce New Singer

Death Ray Vision (Killswitch Engage, etc.) have signed a new deal with Metal Blade Records. With this news, the band have also welcomed Keith Bennett (Wrecking Crew) to the group as their new singer.

Bassist Mike D’Antonio said the following:

“I could not be more excited about Death Ray Vision joining the Metal Blade family. The new record is a banger, and I can’t think of a better record label to release it to the world!”

Metal Blade’s Brian Slagel continued:

“Super excited to welcome Death Ray Vision to the Metal Blade family! We love working with Mike D and look forward to this one!”

Guitarist Pete Cortese added:

“We’re a lot more cohesive as a band after playing together for so many years, and we’ve gotten better at songwriting and collaborating to bring out the best in everyone’s ideas.

Keith brings a whole lot of piss and vinegar, with a side of street cred. He brought a new sense of enthusiasm and excitement and got us even more fired up to make a great record.”

Guitarist Chris Rosati concluded:

“Creatively speaking, Keith is a force of nature. His ability to get inside a new song and quickly come up with vocals and lyrics is really something to witness.”

The band’s new album, “No Mercy From Electric Eyes,” is expected to be released this summer. A teaser for that effort can be found below: