Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters) Premieres New Song “Black Top White Lines”

Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters) has premiered a new song titled “Black Top White Lines.” The guitarist worked on the track with Jaren Johnston (The Cadillac Three) and John Osborne (Brothers Osborne) and a lyric video for it can be found below. Shiflett commented:

“Thematically it felt like it turned a classic country trope on its head a little. Jaren and I were going over song ideas, and it’d been a minute since we wrote it, so when we re-visited the track he was like, ‘Dude you gotta record this one…It’s a banger!’ Right away in the studio I could tell it was a bit of a left turn for me musically but that’s also what I like about it.”

Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters) Premieres New Song “Long, Long Year”

Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters) has premiered a new song titled “Long, Long Year.” The guitarist recorded the track with producer Vance Powell, bassist Jack Lawrence (The Raconteurs), drummer Julian Doro (Eagles Of Death Metal), keyboardist Mike Webb, steel guitarist Luke Schneider, and mandolinist/harmony vocalist Sierra Hull.

Shiflett commented:

“I spent a lot of time alone at my studio in L.A. during the first part of the lockdown just woodshedding tunes. The line ‘It’s been a long, long year’ was rattling around my head for obvious reasons, but I framed it as a love song.”

He also added:

“My trip out to Nashville in March of 2021 was my first time recording any solo material since I made ‘Hard Lessons’. I hadn’t done much traveling post-COVID lockdown so I was a little nervous heading out there to work with a producer and roomful of musicians I didn’t really know. In true Nashville style we made our introductions and got right down to work, hammering out the basic tracks in a few hours. Vance was great and made me feel right at home, and the group of players he put together were on point. Next day we did some overdubs and Sierra came in and added mandolin and harmony vocals on ‘Long, Long Year’ and the tracks started coming together.”