Black Tongue Drop Off Carnifex’s “Decade Of Despair” Tour

Black Tongue have officially dropped off Carnifex’s 10th anniversary North American tour. The band was forced to cancel after their visas were denied


The band issued the following statement:

“We just received the devastating news that our visas have been denied for the current US tour we were meant to be joining.

We have no other details as of yet and are awaiting a statement from the US Visa Office regarding why they were denied.

There are not enough words to express how sorry we are to all you fans that missed out on seeing us and we’re expecting to see us as the tour continued. Please understand we did everything we could, in particular applying for the visas over 9 months ago now, and it’s all been out of our hands for a while.

We remain hopeful for another attempt at coming back to the US and hope we will be able to see you all again soon.”


Black Tongue To Miss Beginning Of Carnifex’s “Decade Of Despair” Tour

Black Tongue will be missing the first date of Carnifex’s 10th anniversary North American tour, due to visa issues. They are unsure if they will have to miss more or not, but they are trying to get things sorted out as soon as possible.


The band issued the following statement:

“It’s hard to find the right words to say this but unfortunately we regret to announce we won’t be appearing at the first date of the Decade of Despair tour tonight with Carnifex, Within The Ruins, Lorna Shore and The Last Ten Seconds Of Life.

This is completely out of our hands as we are still waiting on confirmation of our visa applications, which were started at the beginning of the year, so we can then visit the US embassy for interviews to be granted our visas. These interviews are due any day now and we aim to join the tour as soon as possible.

Please understand we have done everything in our power to make everything happen as it should, including losing more money for express services but unfortunately it seems US immigration is dealing with a huge backlog right now and it all lies in their hands.

We can understand some of you will be annoyed and upset that we won’t be there, but trust us, we are just as frustrated. But we will be over to you as soon as we possibly can.

Thanks for your understanding,

Black Tongue Premiere New Song “L’appel du Vide”/Reveal New Album Details

Black Tongue have premiered a new song titled “L’appel du Vide.” This song is from the band’s new album, The Unconquerable Dark, which will be released on September 4.


The Unconquerable Dark Track Listing:

01. “Plague Worship”
02. “In The Wake Ov The Wolf”
03. “Young Gloom”
04. “L’appel du Vide”
05. “Vermintide” (feat. Eddie Hermida[Suicide Silence])
06. “Prince Of Ash”
07. “The Masquerade”
08. “A Pale Procession II: Death March”
09. “I’m So Tired Of Sighing. Please Lord, Let It Be Night”