Aftermath Premiere New Song “Transform & Disrupt”

Aftermath have premiered a new song titled “Transform & Disrupt.” This track is from the band’s new album “No Time To Waste,” which will be released on March 17.

Kyriakos “Charlie” Tsiolis commented:

“To Transform and Disrupt the educational system is the message of this track. ‘History is written by the victors’ according to the famous saying, but the saying left out that real knowledge and information is also controlled by them.

The education system that we all go through has brainwashed us and indoctrinated us into believing what ‘they’ want us to accept as reality. This allows them to control everything and until we understand that and transform and disrupt this machine, we will never truly be free.”

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Aftermath Premiere “No Time To Waste” Lyric Video

Aftermath have premiered a lyric video for the title track of their upcoming album “No Time To Waste.” You can check that out below. The band commented:

“The title track from the forthcoming album, ‘No Time To Waste’—words that everyone should live by in their daily lives. But the song is not about that. Rather it’s about all of us together having no time to waste as a free species. Everyone you talk to today says something isn’t right in the world and most can’t point out what it is that makes them feel that way. Their gut tells them something isn’t right. This song is about what we feel isn’t right with the world today and we urge people to wake up before it’s too late. It isn’t about being woke, but being awake. The song is at its core about unity and coming together to defeat our mutual enemy. Every great story has a hero and a villain. We the people are the hero in this song.”

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Aftermath Premiere Video For Cover Of John Lennon’s “Give Peace A Chance”

Aftermath have premiered a new video for their cover of John Lennon’s “Give Peace A Chance.” You can check that out below:

The group commented:

“John Lennon’s urgent call for peace in “Give Peace A Chance” is more important today than ever, and our call for peace with this cover is the perfect message to follow up our previous album. We released a dark concept album with a bleak message and felt it was important to follow that up with something positive. The visuals in the video are as important as the lyrics in a way. We live in a visual world today and this video needed to get out the message of HOPE. Having a young girl be the focus of the video was our way of getting that across. Seeing only positive acts when she puts on Lennon’s famous glasses was the perfect visual metaphor. Lennon’s message is transmitted not only through his lyrics but also through the perspective created by his unique lenses.”

Aftermath Premiere “Temptation Overthrown” Lyric Video

Aftermath have premiered a lyric video for their song “Temptation Overthrown.” This track is from the band’s latest album “There is Something Wrong.” Kyriakos “Charlie” Tsiolis commented:

“In the album’s concept story timeline, ‘Temptation Overthrown’ is at the point when the masses have been truly informed and are united. They know who the enemy really is and it’s time for the people to control.”


Aftermath Premiere “Gaslight” Lyric Video

Aftermath have premiered a lyric video for their song “Gaslight.” This track is from their latest album “There is Something Wrong.” Kyriakos “Charlie” Tsiolis commented:

“The song is about waking up and having an open-mind in order to avoid the elite’s attempt to Gaslight you. It tells the real rulers of the world we are on to their ways and we will destroy them and their symbols.”

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Aftermath Stream “There Is Something Wrong” In Full

Aftermath are streaming their new album “There Is Something Wrong” in its entirety. That effort will officially be released tomorrow (February 15). If you missed it, you can find my review of the album HERE.

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Album Review: Aftermath’s “There Is Something Wrong”

Aftermath’s new album “There is Something Wrong” will be released on Friday (February 15) and I was given an opportunity to listen to it early. The effort is their first since 1994’s “Eyes Of Tomorrow” and it really packs a punch.

Musically, the group mixes elements of their crossover thrash roots with elements of the technical/progressive style that one may find on “Eyes Of Tomorrow.” For instance, a song like “Smash, Reset, Control” will appease those looking for a classic sounding crossover track, while a song like “Gaslight” will appease those looking for a bit more technicality.

Lyrically, the album deals with the concept of control and power. It urges people to take a look at what’s wrong with the world and try to find out the truth about who is really pulling the strings. One lyric from the song “FFF (FalseFlagFlying)” really sums this up: “Know your enemy.” The band are essentially saying world governments are set up as a way to brainwash people, while the real enemies hide behind the scenes. This is why people need to wake up and fight before things grow even worse than they are now. The only problem is, this can seem impossible due to the way the system is rigged. As the track “Diethanasia” says: “Doctors destroy health,” “Government destroys freedom,” and “Media kills information.”

Basically, the album is a full on thrash attack that definitely has an agenda. In the end, it’s up to the listener to decide what they want to believe, but that fits the concept perfectly, because thinking for one’s self is important in these fucked up times.

Aftermath Premiere “Diethanasia” Video

Aftermath have premiered a new video for their new song “Diethanasia.” This track is from the band’s new album “There Is Something Wrong,” which will be released on February 15. The group commented:

“‘Diethanasia’ is the embodiment of the fury and fire that so powerfully defines Aftermath. In a darkened room with minimalist spotlights cast upon each member thrashing in a foggy soundstage, the quick cuts, muscular riffs, and furrowed brows by director Davo create an unrelenting visual experience, perfectly complimenting the frenetic energy of Aftermath.”

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Aftermath Premiere “FFF (FalseFlagFlying)” Lyric Video

Aftermath have premiered a lyric video for their new song “FFF (FalseFlagFlying).” This track is from the band’s upcoming album “There is Something Wrong.” Kyriakos “Charlie” Tsiolis commented:

“You’ve read or heard about the phrase False Flag, but never paid attention until you saw it used on YouTube or some other social media sites. False flag events happen more than you think and they’re not specific to one country. The lyrics of the track and the images on the video are meant to alert you. They are a call to WAKE UP. Your governments aren’t your friends or your protectors. Know your enemy. FFF.”

Interview: Aftermath’s Kyriakos “Charlie” Tsiolis Talks New Album “There Is Something Wrong”

I was recently given the opportunity to interview Aftermath’s Kyriakos “Charlie” Tsiolis about the band’s upcoming album “There is Something Wrong.” You can check out that chat below.

METAL ANARCHY: First of all, the band was gone for quite some time before you reunited a few years ago. What made you decide to return?

TSIOLIS: We broke up in 1996 as Aftermath. We released a record on Interscope as Mother God Moviestar did a tour and broke that band up in 1998. We got an offer in 2015 to do the Headbangers’ Open Air festival in Hamburg Germany. I hadn’t spoken to Steve since 1998. I was in a band called Stripping the Pistol with John Lovette who played guitar in Aftermath and spoke to him on and off. Ray and I would speak and see each other from time to time. Chris and I had not spoken in several years. So when the offer came in to play HOA it was kinda too bad there is no band, this would be so cool to do. Right around that same time, Divebomb Records had contacted us about reissuing our Killing the Future demo on CD and Shadow Kingdom Records wanted to reissue our album Eyes of Tomorrow. With these three things happening it felt like the band should get back together at least for that one fest.

Our manager who happens to be my brother said: lets book the gig, the guys always wanted to play Europe this could be a fun weekend. To my surprise everyone but Chris said yes. So we brought back our original bass player for the gig and we started to jam. We had to fire Adam again because of his playing and other issues. We rehearsed as a five-piece for the gig and eventually played the fest as a four-piece. We started out as a four-piece, but hadn’t played as one since 1986. It was back to the beginning. It was only going to be one show, we added a second gig in Chicago part of the Ragnarok fest. As we rehearsed for the shows, we felt like it was the early days again. The songs sounded fresh and the excitement of playing together was really amazing. We said let’s write a new song and if it’s good we can record it and release it for the hell of it. Well that turned into writing a new record.

METAL ANARCHY: You recently released a lyric video for “Smash Reset Control.” How would you describe that track and what made you release it first?

TSIOLIS: We had been releasing teasers for about a year from the live gigs and rehearsal some of old material and some of new songs. We finished the record and figured since we have been gone for a while that it made sense to reintroduce the band with a new song and video in advance of the record. We picked Smash Reset Control as the first track because it was a return to our crossover roots. We began as a crossover thrash band in 1985 and were so fast that Don Kaye at Kerrang called us “too damn fast” back then. When Divebomb reissued our Killing the Future demo in 2015, I was forced to listen to that demo for the first time since 1987. I was really blown away with the speed, attitude and energy of the music. We decided to blend the two different Aftermath styles on this record the crossover Killing style with the technical/progressive style of Eyes of Tomorrow. Smash Reset Control is a true 1980s style crossover track that fans of D.R.I. and Suicidal Tendencies can get into. Our old fans are loving it.

It felt natural to release this song first. As I said, it was a return to our roots. We felt that the song captures the urgency of the message that is laid out in the record. We also wanted our fans to know that we weren’t just making a progressive record this time around and figured we needed to get that out there in the beginning.

METAL ANARCHY: What would you like to say about your upcoming album “There Is Something Wrong”?

TSIOLIS: We are proud of this record and wrote it in a way that we felt it would be what we wanted it to be and how we wanted it to sound. There was no pressure to get a deal or please an A&R guy. We wanted it to be a record not a bunch of songs that are put together and released. What I mean, we wrote it as a concept record and included an intro, interludes and outro that are used to connect the tracks and get the message of the record across. We hope that people listen to the message and look deeper into the subjects we layout in the lyrics.

METAL ANARCHY: What was the writing and recording process like?

TSIOLIS: It was totally natural and relaxed. We recorded the record with Chuch Macak a veteran in Chicago of the metal world at his studio. It felt like we returned to the recording process when we recorded the Killing demo with Phil Bonnet (RIP). Chuck was great to work with and made the process go smoothly. The tracking was basically completed in a few days and we spent the majority of the time getting the vocals and interludes and mixes right. Like everything since we got back together recording the record was effortless and fun.

METAL ANARCHY: What are some of your favorite tracks from the effort?

TSIOLIS: We all have different favorites, but we love all the tracks on the record. If I had to pick a favorite it would be the title track. It will be interesting to see how the two camps of Aftermath fans respond to the mixing of styles.

METAL ANARCHY: Lastly, are you planning any tours in support of the album?

TSIOLIS: We are going to focus on Festivals in the US and Europe for 2019. Obviously, we are interested in touring if the right tour comes along.