Full Of Hell And Primitive Man Announce New Collaborative Album “Suffocating Hallucination”

Full Of Hell and Primitive Man have joined forces for a new collaborative album titled “Suffocating Hallucination.” The effort will be released on March 3 and it will feature the following tracks: “Trepanation For Future Joys,” “Rubble Home,” “Bludgeon,” “Dwindling Will,” and “Tunnels To God.” You can stream “Rubble Home” below. Full Of Hell‘s Dylan Walker said the following about the collaboration:

“It’s kind of like making a new hybrid band. It’s a really special marker of the friendship between us. We approach each collaboration differently, depending on the personalities in the room. With Primitive Man, we wrote everything in the studio. Each collaborative record is a cornerstone in our discography, as important as our own full-lengths.”


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