Shadow Of Intent Premiere “From Ruin… We Rise” Music Video

Shadow Of Intent have premiered a new video for their new song “From Ruin… We Rise.” This track is from the band’s new album “Elegy,” which will be released on January 14. Vocalist Ben Duerr commented:

“This song speaks about the inhumane suffering endured in the Ukraine. Surviving mass famine, slave labor, and essentially being used as cannon fodder in the world’s largest war in history, the nation still retains their identity, even as they are gripped in civil strife. This song mourns their fallen, while hoping their innocents can remain strong, despite being locked in disarray and subjected to atrocities. Let this also be a reminder to our own compatriots that no matter the current political climate, no matter the disagreements, we will survive it, as we are one.”

“Elegy” Track Listing:

01. “Farewell”
02. “Saurian King”
03. “The Coming Fire”
04. “Of Fury”
05. “Intensified Genocide”
06. “Life Of Exile”
07. “Where Millions Have Come To Die”
08. “From Ruin… We Rise”
09. “Blood In The Sands Of Time”
10. “Reconquest”
11. “Elegy I: Adapt”
12. “Elegy II: Devise”
13. “Elegy III: Overcome”

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