MØL Premiere “Vestige” Music Video

MØL have premiered a new video for their new song “Vestige.” This track is from their new album “Diorama,“ which will be released on November 5. The group commented:

“Gaslighting takes on many forms and our willingness to subject ourselves to an illusion knows no boundaries. However rotten and hollow the core – we still buy into the idea of purchasable raptures, frail salvations, an escape from modern meaninglessness. The video juxtaposes a sunbathed, stylized expression with inspiration from Dario Argento’s colorspace of ‘Susperia‘ from 1977 with vivid colors and high contrasts. Unpleasant and unnerving, yet lavish and extravagant shots are interposed with the performance of the band, spiraling through daylight to nighttime in the vibrant interior of the Dome.”

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