Pupil Slicer Premiere “Wounds Upon My Skin” Video, Reveal Details For Debut Album “Mirrors”

Pupil Slicer have premiered a new video for their new song “Wounds Upon My Skin.” This track is from the band’s debut album “Mirrors,” which will be released on March 12.

Vocalist/guitarist Katie Davies said the following about the new song and album:

“‘Wounds Upon My Skin‘ was one of the first tracks we wrote for this album and marked a turning point where I realised I could really write anything I wanted to put in a song and make it work. It was also the starting place for the thematic elements of the album, it was the first time I had explored more introspective and personal concepts in my lyrics.”

“I used Mirrors as a vehicle to exorcise many painful experiences; topics of abuse, social anxiety and depression alongside the injustices, iniquities and oppression that many are forced to endure simply due to their existence make up the fabric of this LP. The title Mirrors itself is an example of these themes of introspection whilst also representing the reflection of the reality of society many face today. The response we got to our first single was overwhelmingly positive and we can’t wait for you to experience the rest of what we have put together.”

“Mirrors” Track Listing:

01. “Martyrs”
02. “Stabbing Spiders”
03. “L’Appel Du Vide”
04. “Panic Defence”
05. “Husk”
06. “Vilified”
07. “Worthless”
08. “Wounds Upon My Skin”
09. “Interlocutor”
10. “Mirrors Are More Fun Than Television”
11. “Save The Dream, Kill Your Friends”
12. “Collective Unconscious”

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