Meshiaak Premiere New Song “Severed”

Meshiaak have premiered a new song titled “Severed.” You can check that out below:

Vocalist/guitarist Danny Camilleri commented:

“It seems that over time, aggressive music in the style that Meshiaak creates has become somewhat watered down, like, there just seems to be not all that much conviction anymore or far too much contrast between a system of beliefs within the music compared to the system of beliefs within the band or writers, almost like bands these days are too scared to be literal, or stand behind their convictions, afraid to be open or honest, scared to offend anyone in a society full of people with no back bone anymore.

Music is the last line of free speech, its the only place that you can be brutally honest about anything. Severed is our conviction, our honesty, our passion and our frustration, angst, hatred, whatever the hell you want to call it! Severed is our truth and we plan on offending everyone.”

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