The Crown Premiere “Motordeath” Video, Reveal Details For New Album “Royal Destroyer”

The Crown have premiered a new video for their new song “Motordeath.” This track is from the band’s new album “Royal Destroyer,” which will be released on March 12. The group said the following about that effort:

“It is our album number ten, so now we are in the big boys club. I think it in some ways is our crowning achievement, and it encompasses our sound across all albums on one defining record. It’s got it all – the early 90s death metal stuff, the haunting melodies, the thrash, the punk, the grind, the heavy metal and the more epic and doomy stuff.”

“Royal Destroyer” Track Listing:

01. “Baptized In Violence”
02. “Let The Hammering Begin!”
03. “Motordeath”
04. “Ultra Faust”
05. “Glorious Hades”
06. “Full Metal Justice”
07. “Scandinavian Satan”
08. “Devoid Of Light”
09. “We Drift On”
10. “Beyond The Frail”

The CD version will also come with a demos release titled “Deathrace 13.” Here’s the track listing for that:

01. “Deathexplosion” (demo)
02. “No Tomorrow” (demo)
03. “Executioner” (demo)
04. “Face Of Destruction” (demo)
05. “I Won’t Follow” (demo)
06. “Deliverance” (demo)
07. “Vengeance” (demo)
08. “Natashead Overdrive” (demo)
09. “Dead Man’s Song” (demo)
10. “Are You Morbid” (demo)
11. “Bow To None” (demo)
12. “Cold Is The Grave” (demo)
13. “Rebel Angel” (demo)

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