Stratovarius To Release “Enigma: Intermission 2” In September

Stratovarius will be releasing a new album titled “Enigma: Intermission 2” on September 28. The effort will feature three brand new songs, as well as rarities and orchestral versions of popular songs. The first single “Oblivion” can be streamed below:

“Enigma: Intermission 2” Track Listing:

01. “Enigma” (brand new studio song; recorded 2018)
02. “Hunter”†
03. “Hallowed”††
04. “Burn Me Down” (brand new studio song; recorded 2018)
05. “Last Shore”††
06. “Kill It With Fire”*
07. “Oblivion” (brand new studio song; recorded 2018)
08. “Second Sight”*
09. “Fireborn”†
10. “Giants”*
11. “Castaway”*
12. “Old Man And The Sea”††

Brand New Orchestral Versions (all recorded 2018):

13. “Fantasy”
14. “Shine In The Dark”
15. “Unbreakable”
16. “Winter Skies”

* previously unreleased in Europe
† rare bonus track
†† rare bonus track; first time on CD

[via Blabbermouth]


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