Tesla Planning To Release New Single “Time To Rock” In July

During a recent interview with Sonic Perspectives, Tesla’s Frank Hannon revealed that the band are planning to release a new single, titled “Time To Rock,” in July. According to him, the track is “frickin’ rocking.”

Hannon said the following when asked if the band will be working with producer Phil Collen (Def Leppard) once again:

“The ‘Shock’ album that Phil did, they worked really hard on that. When I say ‘they,’ I’m talking about Phil Collen and Brian Wheat, our bass player. Man, they really worked hard on the album. It was a collaboration. Phil wrote most of the songs. And some people thought it was a great album and other people didn’t like it. But we gave it a shot. But from now on… Brian and I had a discussion… Brian and I are the founding members of the band TESLA, along with Jeff Keith. And we decided from now on, we’re gonna write and produce our own music. We worked with enough producers — we’ve had producers coming and going our whole career — so from now on, at our age, we’re gonna produce our own music. And we’re actually producing a brand new single that’s gonna come out next month, and it’s frickin’ rocking. I’m really excited about it.

The best thing about producing ourselves is it’s imperfect and it’s edgy and it’s got the warts and everything and it’s as real as it can be because it’s us. We’re not technicians where we know how to make things perfect.

‘Cold Blue Steel’, we produced it ourselves, and this new song — it’s called ‘Time To Rock’ — I’ve been producing it and working on it for about two months. And it’ll ultimately get put on a self-produced album.”

He continued when asked if Tesla are still planning to release a series of singles:

“Yeah, we’re gonna put out singles after singles and just focus on one song at a time, man, and rock that song.

What happens is when you’re young, man, you can write 10 songs and frickin’ put out an album every year, but as you get older, like we are now, it’s not as easy to do that. So you end up sacrificing quality for quantity, and we don’t wanna do that. Why put out 10 songs that are just in a rush when we can spend our time and just create singles that we’re real proud of. And this one next one, I’m telling you, Jeff Keith and I are really excited about it, ’cause he and I wrote it on the road last year and I got the band to put it together. I’ve been chipping away on it in the studio producing it, and I’m getting ready to produce a video for it this weekend. It’s called ‘Time To Rock’, and it does rock.”

[via Blabbermouth]