September Mourning To Release New Album “Volume II” In July

September Mourning will be releasing their new album, “Volume II,” on July 29. The band also plan to release their second comic book, “The Hand Of Fate,” on that day as well.


Emily Lazar said the following:

“‘Volume II is a continuation of the first step in our journey which began with our self released EP, ‘Volume I‘ and ‘A Murder of Reapers‘, the first issue of our comic book. ‘Volume II‘ follows our hero, September Mourning‘s tale throughout the second issue of the comic book entitled, ‘The Hand of Fate‘. Both forms of media intertwine to create a musical and visual story mosaic for your eyes and ears.

Although September‘s character is fictional, both the emotional landscape of the music and the message behind her lyric come from a very vulnerable place inside of me. In this album, I intertwined these supernatural characters with my own very real, relatable thoughts and feelings. There are pieces of myself magnified in every dynamic shift and bombastic hook in this album and you feel that when you listen. The world that’s created promises you an epic ride.”

“Volume II” Track Listing:

01. “The Collection”
02. “Angels To Dust”
03. “Eye Of the Storm”
04. “Before The Fall”
05. “Children Of Fate”
06. “Skin And Bones”
07. “20 Below”
08. “Heart Can Hold”
09. “Superhuman”
10. “Live Like You’re Alive”
11. “Stand By Me”
12. “‘Til You See Heaven”

Preorders can be found HERE.