Mercedes Lander On The Future Of Kittie: “I Don’t Think We Would Do Anything Unless It Was A Really Great Offer And We Could Include Everyone”

During a recent appearance on the “Thunder Underground” podcast, Mercedes Lander was asked about Kittie’s future. She responded by saying that she doesn’t think that the band would do anything “unless it was a really great offer.”

Lander said the following:

“I know that we’re lucky to have the experiences that we have had. And we had a really amazing time when we did that ‘Live In London’ show a couple of years, where we brought everybody back that wanted to come back. And we did like a ‘travel through time’ with all the different members and stuff like that. So that was really cool. We had a lot of fun doing that. But at this point, unless we got a really good offer… I don’t think we would do anything unless it was a really great offer and we could include everyone, in one fashion or another. And I think because at this point, we’re kind of one of those legacy bands, I feel like it would probably really help, or it would be really cool, if we could something with some of the past members as well. ‘Cause right now, we don’t necessarily have… I mean, besides my sister, myself and Tara [McLeod, guitar], it’s just the three of us, technically, in the band.

It’s kind of hard for us to continue on without [the late] Trish [Doan], because it would feel kind of weird not to have her there. So there’s a lot of stuff going on with that. But you never know what might happen. If somebody decides that they wanna give us a good offer, and it works out for us, and it’s feasible for us and we’re able to do it, I don’t see why not. But at the same time, we wanna make sure that things are good for the fans as well. We wanna make sure that the people that are coming to the show are getting a good experience, ’cause it might be the last time. [Laughs] We don’t wanna shortchange anybody and have a ‘lesser than’ experience, if that makes sense — we wanna make sure that everybody that comes to a show gets blown away. So we kind of have to outdo ourselves.

But we’ll see what happens. You never know. The documentary is on Amazon Prime right now, and people are losing their mind. Our Instagram and our Twitter and all of our other social media has basically exploded since the documentary got added to Amazon Prime, I guess, like a month or two ago.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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