Chuck Wepfer & Shaun Glass Exit Broken Hope

Guitarist, Chuck Wepfer and bassist, Shaun Glass have both left Broken Hope. Both exited due to their obligations to their new project, The Bloodline. Their replacements will be Matt Szlachta (Chimaira) and Diego Soria (Disgorge).


Glass issued the following statement to Blabbermouth:

“We have been very focused and busy with our main band The Bloodline so much that we haven’t had any time to be part of Broken Hope for the last 4-5 months as we can’t commit to two bands 100 percent. That said, we aren’t a part of Broken Hope anymore, but we wish them and their new members, Matt Szlachta and Diego Soria, the best with what they do. And to all the amazing Broken Hope fans, we will see you on the road.”


Rest Of Chimaira Quit Following Guitarist’s Departure

Yesterday, it was reported that guitarist, Emil Werstler, had quit Chimaira, and now, according to The PRP, the rest of the lineup has done the same. Guitarist, Matt Szlachta, keyboardist/vocalist, Sean Zatorsky, bassist, Jeremy Creamer and drummer Austin D’Amond are all out of the band, leaving vocalist, Mark Hunter the only remaining member.

Szlachta, Zatorsky, Creamer and D’Amond issued the following statement:

“In light of recent news, the rest of the band have decided to part ways with Chimaira. For us this was a great stepping stone, and an honor to play these songs live, and fulfill an incredible legacy. This was an an excellent platform to help continue playing music, when our collective bands either ended or went on a hiatus. Chimaira was an amazing experience and we look forward to future music endeavors with eachother.”

This is the second time, within a few years, that the band has undergone a drastic lineup change.

(Image from Chimaira's Facebook)

(Image from Chimaira’s Facebook)