Broken Hope Writing New Album

While reflecting on the 30th anniversary of Broken Hope’s “Swamped In Gore,” guitarist Jeremy Wagner confirmed that the band have been working on new material for their next album. According to him, the group currently have about five new songs written for the effort.

Wagner said the following:

“This past weekend, Broken Hope celebrated the 30th anniversary of the release of our first album, ‘Swamped in Gore‘.

I mentioned in a video for ‘This Day In Metal’ that it only seems like yesterday that I was writing music and lyrics for this first album. It was exciting to be so young and have a record deal and to quickly be signed to the greatest metal label on earth: Metal Blade Records.

‘Swamped in Gore‘ is part of my heart and always a part of Broken Hope‘s live concerts. I’m extremely proud of this album and the life that it’s taken on over these last 30 years, This record – like all records in the world – is immortal. Here’s to generations of death metal fans to come, discovering this debut album by a youthful Broken Hope.

I’d like to add, for those who are wondering when Broken Hope is going to have a new album out, the answer is, we hope to have something out in 2022/2023. Mike (Miczek) and I have written around 5 new songs for our 8th studio album. As long as I’m here and burrowing in for winter, I’m going to keep writing my ass off…the riffs and the lyrics are flowing quite nicely. Cheers!”

[via The PRP]

Broken Hope To Celebrate 30th Anniversary Of “Swamped In Gore” During August Shows

Broken Hope will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Swamped In Gore” during some special shows this month. The performances will include an appearance at Psycho Las Vegas and dates in San Diego, CA and Los Angeles, CA.

Tour Dates:

08/22 Las Vegas, NV – Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino (‘Psycho Las Vegas‘)
08/23 San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick (feat. Devourment)
08/24 Los Angeles, CA – Catch One (feat. Devourment)

Guitarist Jeremy Wagner commented:

“On behalf of Broken Hope, we’re extremely excited to be appearing at Psycho Las Vegas. This festival constantly brings only the best in metal and rock of all types and it’s an honor to play amongst such talent – and for the greatest fans. Thanks for having us, Psycho Las Vegas.

Also, the Psycho-sponsored shows we’re playing afterward in both San Diego and Los Angeles are going to be unreal! We haven’t hit these markets in YEARS, and what’s even cooler is that we’re also being joined by the incomparable Devourment!!! These shows are gonna be sick!

Last, we’ve been sitting around wondering if we were going to do anything really special to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our first album ‘Swamped in Gore’…yes, it’s 30 years old this year…and now, thanks to Psycho Las Vegas and these other Psycho-sponsored shows, Broken Hope has a legit reason to celebrate with EVERYONE as we deliver to you all LIVE. See you all soon!”

Broken Hope’s Jeremy Wagner To Release New Horror Novel ‘Rabid Heart’

Broken Hope guitarist Jeremy Wagner has announced that he will be releasing a new horror novel called “Rabid Heart” on October 3 via Riverdale Avenue Books. You can find more details and various pre-order options HERE.

Here’s a synopsis:

“How far would you go for love when all you love is DEAD?

Six months after the Necro Rabies pandemic turned the world into hordes of rabid undead known as ‘Cujos,’ 21-year-old Rhonda Driscoll discovers her zombified fiancé, Brad, in her old hometown. Fearing that her Marine Colonel father will kill undead Brad, Rhonda flees, taking a road-trip with Brad in tow in hopes of starting a new life in a frightening and uncertain world complicated by numerous perils, pure horror, and unconditional love.”

Wagner also commented:

“I had a solid draft of ‘Rabid Heart‘ cooling for a while as I worked on some other projects for a couple years. Once I came back to revise and polish ‘Rabid Heart‘, I fell hard for it all over again and knew I had something special. I love f-ed up stories… I write f-ed up things.

My style of fiction and my personal tastes in what I read all leans towards really dark fiction and usually has protagonists who go through hell – there’s a lot of that in ‘Rabid Heart‘. The things that my main character Rhonda Driscoll goes through might fit in nicely with say, McCarthy‘s ‘The Road‘ pairing with ‘28 Days Later‘ or Romero‘s ‘Day of the Dead‘. I hope you all enjoy the ride.

Thanks to Lori Perkins and Afraid/Riverdale Avenue Books for really getting behind this novel and making me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Watch for Afraid/Riverdale Avenue Books to also re-release my first novel, THE ARMAGEDDON CHORD, in December. Thanks for reading! Support horror fiction!”

Broken Hope Announce 30th Anniversary European/UK Tour

Broken Hope will be celebrating their 30th anniversary with a European/UK tour. You can see the initial dates for that run below.

Tour Dates:

08/09 Jaromer, CZE – Brutal Assault
08/12 Hannover, GER – Bei Chez Heinz
08/13 Berlin, GER – Hellfire Fest
08/15 Rotterdam, NET – Baroeg
08/16 London, UK – New Cross Inn
08/18 Leeds, UK – Temple Of Boom
08/19 Glasgow, UK – Audio Glasgow
08/24 Spital Am Semmering, AUT – Kaltenbach Open Air
08/25 Andernach, GER – Death Feast

Jeremy Wagner commented:

“I never dreamed when I was a teenager in high school that I’d still be playing with this band I helped form 30 years later. I honor Joe Ptacek and Ryan Stanek who also started Broken Hope with me and are no longer here… I honor them every time I hit those stages and I continue celebrate the spirit of BH and death metal with my brothers Damian, Mike, Matt, and Diego.

We’re excited to play Brutal Assault again and also play Hellfire Fest, Kaltenbach Open Air and Death Feast Open Air, and all points in between on the European Carrion Tour!”

Broken Hope Premiere “Blast Frozen” Live Video

Broken Hope have premiered a live video for their song “Blast Frozen,” via Metal Hammer. The footage was captured at the band’s September 3, 2017 show at The Underworld in London, England, and the track appears on their latest album “Mutilated And Assimilated.”

Broken Hope Premiere “Outback Incest Clan” Music Video

Broken Hope have premiered a new video for their song “Outback Incest Clan.” This track is from their latest album “Mutilated And Assimilated.”

Jeremy Wagner said the following:

“What’s in a name? Our song titles usually say a lot, and ‘Outback Incest Clan‘ should tell you what’s in store. I got the idea for the subject matter straight from our sick vocalist, Damian Leski, who has can given me a few lyrical ideas. This song is based on TRUE EVENTS! I’ll give you the Wikipedia lowdown:

‘It’s about the ‘Colt family incest case,’ dubbed by media as the ‘Colt incest clan,’ an Australian family discovered in 2012 to have been engaging in four generations of incest beginning with ‘Tim and June Colt,’ a brother and sister who emigrated from New Zealand in the 1970s. The family grew to nearly 40 members ranging from grandparents to mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, nephews, brothers and sisters all engaging in various forms of incest. Many of the children suffered from deformities and medical problems.’

The video was another collaboration between director Tommy Jones and Broken Hope and we love the way this one played out with Tommy’s cool camera angles and the creepiness he injected into it. Enjoy!”

Broken Hope Premiere New Song “The Meek Shall Inherit Shit”

Broken Hope have premiered a new song titled “The Meek Shall Inherit Shit,” via This track is from their new album “Mutilated And Assimilated,” which will be released on June 23.

Jeremy Wagner commented:

“‘The Meek Shall Inherit Shit‘ is a song I’ve been wanting to write lyrically for some time. I’m an environmentalist–a guy who considers environment, rather than heredity, as the primary influence on the development human beings. Homo sapiens are living in a shitpile. We constantly foul our nest, we are killing the planet, and we cause up to 2,000 extinctions every year. Look, I don’t want to get all hippy and political here. I just love the natural world so much and I hate what’s being done to it. It fucking pisses me off! And you can hear my anger in the lyrics and the music of this track.”