Are Metallica Planning To Make “Garage Inc. 2”?

Metallica were recently asked a number of fan-submitted questions for the new issue of Kerrang! and while responding to one of them, Lars Ulrich seemed to suggest that the band may release a sequel to their “Garage Inc.” covers compilation. Here’s an excerpt:

Aran from Leicester asked Lars if Metallica were going to make Garage Inc. 2, which songs would they cover? To which the drummer replied “Wait and see…”



Watch Metallica Members Perform National Anthem & Throw First Pitch During Giants Vs. Yankees Game

Metallica and the San Francisco Giants held their seventh annual “Metallica Night” last night (April 26), during the Giants Vs. New York Yankees game at Oracle Park in San Francisco, CA. You can see footage of James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett performing the national anthem and footage of Lars Ulrich throwing the first pitch below:

Lars Ulrich Reflects On Metallica’s First Concert 37 Years Later

Lars Ulrich recently reflected on Metallica’s first-ever concert, which was held on March 14, 1982 at Radio City in Anaheim, CA. At the time, the band’s lineup featured Ulrich, James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine, and Ron McGovney and they played a set consisting of mostly covers. Tickets were $15 and only 75 people were in attendance. You can see what Ulrich had to say about the show in the below Instagram post:

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37 years ago today, March 14 ’82, the ‘Tallica played our first live show ever at a joint called Radio City in Anaheim, California. As you can tell from the notes in my diary, it was my first gig ever and I was “very nervous.”(!) Additionally, you eagle-eyed observers may notice that there’s not a lot of ‘Tallica originals being performed here at the first outing, but almost all NWOBHM covers, most of which ended up being recorded later along the way and showing up on various Garage releases… Here for your viewing pleasure is a picture of your Danish drummer from later in ’82 still playing my first Camco kit (there are no pictures that exist from the first gig), the OG flyer, the setlist in my handwriting and a page from my diary describing the antics of the evening! Happy Live Debut Anniversary! Who would’ve thought….🤪 #wanna #tbt 📸 by @umlaut

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Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Recorded Drums For The New Netflix Film “Triple Frontier”

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich has revealed that he recorded “thunderous drums to back up the score in certain sequences” of the new film “Triple Frontier.” That movie stars Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam, Oscar Isaac, etc. and it was officially released on Netflix today (March 13). You can find a trailer for the film, along with an Instagram post from Ulrich below:

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Check out #TripleFrontier, which starts streaming on #Netflix today. Director JC Chandor, who I’ve admired for his previous films and gotten to know over the years, called me up and asked if I would contribute to the movie. The marching orders… Thunderous drums to back up the score in certain sequences. I’m in!! Had some fun for a coupla days in December laying down “thunderous drums” on top of @dzasterpeace’s brilliant existing stems of music and score … and it’s turned out really fuckin’ cool. So if you’re in the mood for a clever, intelligent, suspenseful, well-cast action thriller with an unusual amount of smarts and depth, and the occasional “thunderous drums”, go find @TripleFrontier.. streaming on your device of choice via @Netflix and in select theaters now. Happy days! #wanna #thunderousdrums #disasterpeace #triplefrontier #netflix

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Watch Metallica Cover Judas Priest With Lars Ulrich On Vocals

Some footage of Metallica covering Judas Priest‘s “Delivering The Goods“ with Lars Ulrich on vocals has surfaced online. The clip was filmed while the band were rehearsing in their tuning room before a show at PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, PA back in October 2018. You can see Ulrich singing at the 7:50 mark.

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Lars Ulrich: “We Hope We Can Get Another 20, 25 Years Out Of” Metallica

While many artists are looking towards retirement, it seems Metallica are planning on sticking around for years to come. Lars Ulrich said the following about that during a recent interview with Jaxon of 93.3 WMMR Rocks!:

“A lot of people are retiring, and we feel very energized and rejuvenated. I mean, we wanna go [a] long [time]. We hope we can get another 20, 25 years out of [METALLICA]. I don’t know what it’s gonna look like, I don’t know what it’s gonna sound like, but that’s in our heads. So we’re not sitting there thinking retirement or this or that; we’re sort of more the opposite. So I would say, for us, everything we do is kind of a long game. And back then, when you were 17, you only think of, like, the next five minutes. ‘Where is the next beer? Whoo!’ So that’s kind of different mentality nowadays.”


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Chris Adler (Lamb Of God) Says He Asked Lars Ulrich (Metallica) For Advice On Working With Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)

Lamb Of God’s Chris Adler, who was recruited to play drums on Megadeth’s “Dystopia”, recently appeared on the Metal Injection Livecast and shared an interesting story. Apparently, before he took the Megadeth gig, he called Metallica’s Lars Ulrich to ask for advice on working with Dave Mustaine.

Adler said about the following:

“After I got the call [to join Megadeth], I actually called Lars. We had toured together and connected to some degree. And I said, “Hey man, I just got like a legit offer to play, or at least try out, I guess, for the new Megadeth record. And I think heavy metal in general is a bigger genre because of the drama between you guys. So, what, if anything, would you allow me to know about what am I getting into if I go into this?”

And Lars told me what was exactly the truth: Dave is an absolute pussycat. He is a sweetheart, he really is. But he’s driven. He has a vision in mind and it’s perfectly defined and nothing outside of it is acceptable. And I love that. I’ve had the same idea. In my career that’s exactly the way that I have kind of come up and that’s why Dave and I got along.”