KEN mode Premiere “Doesn’t Feel Pain Like He Should” Video

KEN mode have premiered a new video for their new song “Doesn’t Feel Pain Like He Should,” via Revolver. This track is from the band’s new album “Loved,” which will be released on August 31.

“Loved” Track Listing:

01. “Doesn’t Feel Pain Like He Should”
02. “The Illusion of Dignity”
03. “Feathers & Lips”
04. “Learning to Be Too Cold”
05. “Not Soulmates”
06. “Very Small Men”
07. “This Is a Love Test”
08. “Fractures in Adults”
09. “No Gentle Art”

Jesse Matthewson said the following about the album:

“We entered writing for this album with one goal in mind – to please the smile. We wanted to make an album that represented a thinking person’s reaction to the political/technological climate we are existing in today. We wanted to make the perfect album to put on repeat while pushing your physical limits to their maximum, if only to silence the noise that is constantly whirring around inside of your own head, even for a brief moment.

We wanted tones that bash and cut, and for you to feel that desperate part of yourself clawing for a way out. And then, just when things are at their most bleak, you start to focus on what’s actually being said, and you’ll see the humour in absolutely everything that is transpiring before you. THAT is Loved.”