X Japan’s Yoshiki Donates $87,000 To Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Emergency Assistance Fund

X Japan’s Yoshiki has donated 10 million yen (approximately $87,000) to the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Emergency Assistance Fund in an effort to help out Ukrainians amid the Russian invasion of their country. The musician also reached out to his fans, who have since helped him raise $500,000 in under 24 hours.

X Japan’s Yoshiki Receives Prestigious Japanese Medal Of Honor

The Japanese government has honored X Japan’s Yoshiki with the prestigious Medal Of Honor for his charity work, which included his support and donations for frontline medical professionals amid the coronavirus pandemic. The award features the Dark Blue Ribbon, which is given to those who have “made exceptionally generous financial contributions to the national government, local governments, and public entities.” Yoshiki commented:

“I am very honored to receive the Medal Of Honor. I hope to continue supporting these efforts in the future. I would be grateful if the circle of charity would expand further through these activities. Thank you very much.”

Watch Queen’s Brian May And Roger Taylor Perform With Sarah Brightman And X Japan’s Yoshiki On Japanese TV

Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor recently celebrated New Year’s Eve with Sarah Brightman and X Japan’s Yoshiki on the Japanese TV show “Kohaku Uta Gassen.” Together the group performed Yoshiki’s “Endless Rain” from different locations.

May commented:

“This is such a beautiful project. I’m proud and honoured to be a part of it. Respect to Yoshiki!!! And wishing you all a great New Year.”

Taylor continued:

“Have a beautiful New Year to all our fans in Japan.”

Yoshiki added:

“I feel honored and grateful to be performing with Queen and Sarah Brightman and all those Japanese superstars. I hope that through the music, we can give everyone courage.”

X Japan’s Yoshiki Donates 10 Million Yen To Japan’s National Center For Global Health And Medicine

X Japan’s Yoshiki has donated 10 million yen (about $100,000) to the National Center for Global Health and Medicine in Japan. That organization researches infectious and autoimmune diseases, including the coronavirus.

Yoshiki commented:

“In America, where I live, there have been over 54,000 coronavirus deaths. It’s so sad. I heard that, unfortunately, the virus has also been spreading in Japan. It saddens me that people working in the entertainment industry, including myself, as well as people from many other industries, are economically and psychologically stressed because nobody knows when things will settle down. However, I believe that the people we should be supporting are the healthcare workers who are treating coronavirus patients as we speak. I wanted to support as much as I could. I want people, including myself, to remember that the actions of everyone who’s enduring staying home are contributing thousands of times more to the healthcare workers than what I have donated. I will also do my best as a musician to support people.”

The National Center for Global Health and Medicine added:

“Our center aims to contribute to the health and welfare of people in Japan and all around the world through the fields of medical care, research, education, and international cooperation. Our mission includes the identification, assessment, prevention, diagnosis, and development of cutting-edge treatments for infectious diseases and other diseases, as well as promoting the development of medical supplies and equipment to make it possible to apply those treatments in clinical sites. We believe that this is exactly what Yoshiki has been supporting. Our staff members will continue their dedicated efforts to overcome the critical situation Japan is facing today.”

This is just Yoshiki’s latest charitable donation in 2020. Earlier this year, the musician also donated $100,000 to MusiCares’ COVID-19 Relief Fund, 10 million yen to the Japan Red Cross in commemoration of the ninth anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and $24,000 to Meals On Wheels for seniors affected by the pandemic.

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KISS & Yoshiki To Team Up For New Year’s Eve Television Performance

KISS will be teaming up with X Japan’s Yoshiki for a special performance on Japan’s NHK network. The artists will be taking the stage as “Yoshiki feat. KISS” (“YOSHIKISS”) during the New Year’s Eve “Red And White Music Battle” (“Kouhaku Uta Gassen”). This news comes after Yoshiki recently joined KISS onstage at the Tokyo Dome.

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New Documentary Series On X Japan’s Yoshiki To Debut On YouTube Originals In March

“Yoshiki – Life Of A Japanese Rock Star,” a new six-episode documentary series focusing on X Japan’s Yoshiki, will debut on YouTube Originals in March, 2020. The following was said about the series [via Blabbermouth]:

“Yoshiki – Life Of A Japanese Rock Star” follows Yoshiki’s many facets as a composer, rock drummer, classical pianist, and fashion designer and approaches the sometimes challenging behind-the-scenes reality of when music and passion intersect. “Yoshiki – Life Of A Japanese Rock Star” offers a glimpse into the life of an artist who is active on the global stage. Yoshiki commented that he hopes to inspire viewers as much as possible by discussing “why I became a musician, why I continue to be active, why I continue to exist.”

X Japan’s Yoshiki Donates $100,000 To Earth Alliance’s Amazon Forest Fund

X Japan’s Yoshiki has donated $100,000 to Earth Alliance’s Amazon Forest Fund in an effort to help out with the fight against the fires throughout the Amazon region. He had the following to say about that:

“The Amazon fires deserve the world’s attention. I want to encourage people in every nation, including Japan, to take action.”

X Japan’s Yoshiki To Perform At Japan House Grand Opening In Hollywood

On August 24, X Japan’s Yoshiki will take part in a special musical performance at the private grand opening event for Japan House Los Angeles at Hollywood & Highland. Japan House Los Angeles is a “premiere venue designed to showcase Japan’s art, culture, business, technology, and entertainment to help strengthen cultural ties between Japan and the world.” Yoshiki, who is an adviser for Japan House alongside honorary adviser Larry Ellison, will be giving a congratulatory performance at the event, which will also feature a cocktail reception and seated dinner with international government, business and cultural leaders, including the Ministry officials of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the Consul General of Japan, and celebrities. Yoshiki is inviting a limited number of American fans, but it is worth noting that the applications reached the capacity limit within minutes. More info can be found HERE. Directly after the event, Yoshiki will go back to a Japan for an unannounced TV appearance.

X Japan’s Yoshiki Donates $89,000 To Flood Disaster Area In Western Japan

X Japan’s Yoshiki has donated 10 million yen (approximately $89,000) to the Red Cross Society in an effort to provide disaster relief for those affected by the heavy downpours and flooding that has caused significant damage around Western Japan. The donation was made through his nonprofit organization Yoshiki Foundation America. The Japanese Red Cross Society began accepting donations for the “July 2018 Heavy Rain Disaster Relief Fund” on July 10. Yoshiki said the following on social media: “I just saw the news in the U.S. and I pray for those who passed away. I truly hope the damage caused by heavy rain will not spread any more.”

Marilyn Manson To Guest On New X Japan Album

Marilyn Manson recently joined X Japan onstage at Coachella, and now it appears he will be guesting on the band’s new album as well. Yoshiki confirmed the news during a recent interview with Consequence Of Sound. He also revealed that the effort should be out in “late summer or early fall.”

Yoshiki said the following about the album:

“Recording’s done pretty much, we just have to mix it. It’s pretty edgy. It’s eclectic. Even though people want to say X Japan’s heavy-metal or hard rock, the album is very eclectic and a wide range is covered. I hope this album can contribute in bringing rock to the mainstream. I think I’m pretty confident.”

The effort has been in the works for almost 10 years, and a 2016 release was originally planned until it was shelved after guitarist Pata suffered from a serious medical situation. Yoshiki continued:

“I know it’s a long time, but when you listen to the sound you’ll understand why it took that long. 99% of the songs are in English and it’s our first record targeting a worldwide audience.”

He also added:

“This is the evolved version of X Japan, regardless of what happened in our past, it’s a new album. It’s sentimental because we had 2 deaths since our previous record. I have been influenced by so many types of music, hardcore punk-rock to classical, and everything in between, but I try to focus on the rock side which is my strength. I also try not to think about what people and X Japan fans want. Today, artists can speak to fans directly through social media, don’t get me wrong, their opinions are extremely important, but to create art sometimes you have to be selfish in your own way.”