Queen + Adam Lambert Share Video For “The Show Must Go On” From “Live Around The World” Release

Queen + Adam Lambert have shared footage of themselves performing “The Show Must Go On” during their July 4, 2018 show at London’s 02 Arena. The clip is taken from the band’s new live release “Live Around The World,’ which will be available on October 2. More details regarding that effort can be found HERE.

Queen Facing “Uphill Battle” As They Try To Stop Trump From Using Their Music

Queen are still fighting against Donald Trump to stop him from using their music without permission. The band’s song “We Will Rock You” was recently featured in a campaign video on Triller and it has yet to be removed. The group’s management told BBC that they are facing an “uphill battle” and that they have “repeatedly taken issue with the Trump campaign.” They went on to say that “the band itself has been quite outspoken on the subject.” This news comes after Trump previously used “We Will Rock You” in a Twitter video in October 2019 and after he used “We Are The Champions” during a July 2016 speech at the Republican National Convention.

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Queen + Adam Lambert To Release New Live Album/Film “Live Around The World”

Queen + Adam Lambert will be releasing a new live album/film titled “Live Around The World” on October 2. The effort can be pre-ordered in the following formats: CD, CD/DVD, CD/Blu-ray, and vinyl.

“Live Around The World” Track Listing:

01. “Tear It Up” (May) The O2, London, UK, 02/07/2018
02. “Now I’m Here” (May) Summer Sonic, Tokyo, Japan, 2014
03. “Another One Bites The Dust” (Deacon) Summer Sonic, Tokyo, Japan, 2014
04. “Fat Bottomed Girls” ft. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (May) American Airlines Center, Dallas, USA, 2019
05. “Don’t Stop Me Now” (Mercury) Rock In Rio, Lisbon, Portugal, 2016
06. “I Want To Break Free” (Deacon) Rock In Rio, Lisbon, Portugal, 2016
07. “Somebody To Love” (Mercury) Isle of Wight Festival, UK, 2016
08. “Love Kills” (The Ballad) (Mercury/Moroder) iHeart Radio Theater, Los Angeles, USA, 2014
09. “I Was Born To Love You” (Mercury) Summer Sonic, Tokyo, Japan, 2014
10. “Under Pressure” (Queen/Bowie) Global Citizen Festival, New York, USA, 2019
11. “Who Wants To Live Forever” (May) Isle of Wight Festival, UK, 2016
12. “The Show Must Go On” (Queen) The O2, London, UK, 04/07/2018
13. “Love Of My Life” (Mercury) The O2, London, UK, 02/07/2018
14. “Bohemian Rhapsody” (Mercury) Fire Fight Australia, ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Australia, 2020
15. “Radio Ga Ga” (Taylor) Fire Fight Australia, ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Australia, 2020
16. “Ay-Ohs” (Mercury) Fire Fight Australia, ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Australia, 2020
17. “Hammer To Fall” (May) Fire Fight Australia, ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Australia, 2020
18. “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” (Mercury) Fire Fight Australia, ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Australia, 2020
19. “We Will Rock You” (May) Fire Fight Australia, ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Australia, 2020
20. “We Are The Champions” (Mercury) Fire Fight Australia, ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Australia, 2020

Roger Taylor commented:

“We hadn’t really watched those clips before; we were always too busy touring. We weren’t aware of how good the band sounded. So we thought, well, maybe there’s a live album of highlights of concerts that we’ve done over the last eight years with Adam Lambert to be made.”

Brian May continued:

“As we all grapple with the challenge of creating live shows in a world dominated by a formidable viral enemy, it seemed the perfect time for us to create a collection of hand-picked live highlights from our Queen shows over the last seven years with our brother Adam Lambert.

It’s a first! As you watch and listen to these tracks you’ll be journeying all around the world with us, and experiencing a complete virtual live set. The collection climaxes in Sydney earlier this year when, in support Fire Fight Australia, we recreated the complete QUEEN Live Aid set. It was a historic event for a great cause — with perhaps the highest adrenaline level since the original Live Aid in 1985. It makes me particularly happy that we can now share this unique moment with the whole world.”

Adam Lambert added:

“When we couldn’t tour this year, we wanted to give the fans something in place of that, and a live album just felt right. It’s the first time we have released an album together, and we have had a lot of fun putting it together, picking out favorite performances over the past seven years.”

Queen + Adam Lambert To Release “You Are The Champions” On CD And 7″ Vinyl

Back in April, Queen + Adam Lambert paid tribute to COVID-19 frontline workers by releasing a new version of “We Are The Champions,” titled “You Are The Champions.” Now, the band have announced that they will be releasing limited edition CD and 7″ vinyl versions of the track on August 21. You can get those HERE. Proceeds will go towards the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization.

Queen + Adam Lambert Launch “Roadies In Lockdown” Series

Queen + Adam Lambert are paying tribute to their road crew with a new web series called “Roadies In Lockdown.” You can watch the first episode of that below:

The band commented:

“In this first episode we meet from his kitchen as well as from backstage and on stage Andy Bews, Stage Show Manager, whose role in the Queen + Adam Lambert touring production crew involves a myriad of different elements. Andy gives us an insight into what his job involves and we also have the very rare opportunity to see the band close up in soundchecks in Australia, South Korea and Japan. He also gives insight into crew attire which appears to favour Hawaiian shirts (only on a Friday … which is called Hawaiian Shirt Friday on tour), but there are limits to taking a casual approach.

Tour Video Director, Steve Price has worked with Queen + Adam Lambert since 2014 and at this time should be manning the controls behind the stage as he directs all the video elements of the show for the band on their sold out European summer tour. However, as we all know, the band and crew are currently off the road, so to keep him in the groove we set him the task of creating a ‘lockumentary’ focusing on what it is like being part of the ‘Rhapsody Road Crew’…

This exclusive series, only available on Queen’s Official channel, explores the roles of various crew members on the road and behind the scenes with one of the world’s most successful touring acts. Enjoy a VIP AAA pass and get to see at close quarters the backstage and front of house complexities, magic and hard work that goes in to putting on these huge productions that are a Queen + Adam Lambert live show. They explain what they do to make the shows happen. Look out also for a few well known faces and cameo appearances along the way.

The backstage footage has been shot at different venues across the globe, however due to the recent pandemic the interviews with the crew have taken place at home during lockdown and further demonstrates the effect the shutdown has had on the live music business, not just for musicians and fans, but the often unseen and unsung heroes that make up the touring crew.

Setting out to highlight their individual and collaborative skills, it soon becomes obvious one thing clearly binds them together — a sense of humour.”

Queen To Be Honored With Royal Mail Stamps

Britain’s Royal Mail will be paying tribute to Queen with a new set of special stamps. 13 stamps will be available on July 9 and they can be pre-ordered HERE.

Roger Taylor said the following:

“Wow… stamps featuring our albums! What an honor. We must be really part of the furniture now! Thanks, Royal Mail, for stamping on us! In gratitude.”

Brian May added:

“It’s hard to put into words what I feel when looking at these beautiful stamps. Since we four precocious boys started out on our quest 50 years ago, our lives have been devoted to making our impossible dream come true. Sometimes it’s strange to wake up and realize the position in which we are now held — we have become a national institution! And nothing brings this home more than this incredible tribute from Royal Mail. It’s particularly poignant to look at this collection of images now — now that we are all in a world dominated by a coronavirus, in which none of this could have happened. I just know that I feel an overwhelming desire to own one of these sets! Somehow it will be a way of persuading myself that it really DID all happen!”

Royal Mail’s Philip Parker also commented:

“With their truly original, theatrical sound and effortless ability to mix musical styles, Queen are rock royalty. We pay tribute to one of the most loved bands of all time with these stunning stamps.”

Watch Queen + Adam Lambert Announce YouTube Tour Watch Party

Queen + Adam Lambert will be hosting a tour watch party on June 21 at 12 p.m. PDT / 3 p.m. EDT. The virtual event will feature a concert composed of highlights from previous tours and it will be available via the band’s YouTube channel for 24 hours.

Queen’s Brian May Says He Suffered A “Small Heart Attack”

Queen’s Brian May has revealed that he recently suffered a “small heart attack.” The guitarist said the incident left him “very near death,” but he underwent an “incredible operation” that left him feeling “as if nothing happened.”

May previously injured his buttocks while gardening and thought the pain was related to that. He then got an MRI and found out he had a compressed sciatic nerve from “50 years of running around with a guitar strap over [his] left shoulder holding a heavy guitar.” May went on to say that the nerve was “quite severely compressed and that’s why [he] had this feeling that someone was putting a screwdriver in [his] back.” He continued:

“In the middle of the whole saga of the painful backside, I had a small heart attack. I say small — it’s not something that did me any harm. It was about 40 minutes of pain in the chest and tightness. It’s that feeling in the arms and sweating. And you kind of know — you’ve heard things and you think, ‘This is a heart attack.’ To cut a long story short, my wonderful doctor drove me to the hospital himself and I had an angiogram.”

He added:

“I actually turned out to have three arteries which were congested and in danger of blocking the supply of blood to my heart.”

He also had the following to say about the operation and his current health:

“I couldn’t feel that they’ve been in here, I couldn’t feel anything… I walked out with a heart that’s very strong now. So I think I’m in good shape for some time to come.”

“I’m incredibly grateful that I know have a life to lead again. I was actually very near death because of this, but the pain that I had was from something completely different, it’s funny how things work…. I’m good, I’m here and I’m ready to rock.”

[via Blabbermouth]