Queen + Adam Lambert To Open Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee Concert

Queen + Adam Lambert have been recruited to open Queen Elizabeth’s upcoming Platinum Jubilee concert. That event will take place at Buckingham Palace on June 4.

More information was shared on Queen’s official website:

“The BBC and Buckingham Palace today unveiled a glittering group of performers from the worlds of music and dance set to perform at the Platinum Party at the Palace concert which takes place on Saturday June 4th at Buckingham Palace – and live on BBC One, BBC iPlayer and BBC Radio 2.

Queen + Adam Lambert, Alicia Keys, Hans Zimmer, Ella Eyre, Craig David, Mabel, Elbow and George Ezra will share the three-stage setup with the likes of Duran Duran, Andrea Bocelli, Mimi Webb, Sam Ryder, Jax Jones, Celeste, Nile Rodgers, Sigala and Diversity – all performing their biggest hits in a star-studded tribute to Her Majesty’s unprecedented anniversary.

Stars from the stage and screen, and the sporting world appearing at the event and on film will include Sir David Attenborough, Emma Raducanu, David Beckham, Stephen Fry, Dame Julie Andrews, The Royal Ballet, Ellie Simmonds, and a specially recorded performance from Sir Elton John. Sam Ryder, the United Kingdom’s Eurovision hero, will also perform live, fresh from his success in Italy.

The evening will pivot around global themes that have been born, or evolved, during the breadth of Her Majesty’s reign due to extraordinary British and Commonwealth contributions including Fashion, Sport, The Environment, 70 Years of Pop Music and Musicals – the latter curated by legendary composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, featuring a special appearance by Lloyd Webber and Lin-Manuel Miranda plus performances featuring casts and special guests from The Phantom of the Opera, Hamilton, Six, The Lion King and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.

Queen + Adam Lambert will open the concert with a very special one-off production which will no doubt summon memories of Brian May’s historic appearance on the Palace roof at the Golden Jubilee Concert in 2002.

Closing the 2.5-hour show will be legend Diana Ross with her first UK live performance in fifteen years.

Hosts Kirsty Young and Roman Kemp will lead live coverage of the Platinum Party at the Palace to be broadcast live across the BBC. 22,000 people will attend the event including 10,000 tickets allocated in a public ballot and over 7,500 tickets for key workers, members of the Armed Forces, volunteers, and charities.

The unique Platinum Party stage design consists of three stages, linked by walkways, which create a 360-degree experience in front of Buckingham Palace and The Queen Victoria Memorial. Linking the stages together into one overall design are 70 columns representing Her Majesty’s 70-year reign that can be illuminated to provide a full formation of lights and beams. For the first time, two of the three stages sit immediately in front of Buckingham Palace, framing the iconic home of The Queen.”

Queen’s Brian May commented:

“Twenty years after playing The Queen’s glorious Golden Jubilee we’re very happy to be invited again. Then there was a moment when I wondered … after Buckingham Palace roof where can you go? Well … you will see!!!”

Diana Ross continued:

“I have had the honour of meeting The Queen many times throughout my life, including when I was with my family. Her Majesty has and continues to be such an incredible inspiration to so many across the world and I was absolutely delighted to receive an invitation to perform on such a momentous and historic occasion.”

Charlotte Moore, the BBC’s Chief Content Officer, added:

“We are thrilled to be bringing the nation together for this incredible, once in a lifetime event, broadcast live across the BBC with an amazing star-studded lineup of performers to celebrate The Queen’s momentous 70 years on the throne.”

Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” And Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” Selected For Induction Into National Recording Registry

Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” and Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” are among the songs set to be inducted into the Library of Congress’ National Recording Registry this year. All of the tracks in the National Recording Registry are considered to be “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.” Former Journey singer Steve Perry commented:

“This is the greatest honor of my life. I’ve gotten platinum albums and gold albums and I’ve gotten inducted into the [Rock And Roll] Hall Of Fame. But for my mother, my father, my grandmother and grandfather, I am truly beside myself that this is happening…it’s an ‘only in America’ kind of thing.”

Queen’s Brian May Shares New Health Update Following COVID-19 Diagnosis

Queen’s Brian May has shared a new health update after recently being diagnosed with COVID-19. The guitarist, who has already received his booster, says he is “still congested with a slight cough, and still sleeping too much.”

May said the following:

“I’m still baffled … but THANKS folks for a million views on this post (about 10 posts ago) – I’m glad it was useful. Today I’m at day 16 after the event which infected me with (I’m presuming) the Omicron variant of Covid. I’m still congested with a slight cough, and still sleeping too much. But I’ve been consistently negative in lateral flow tests for a number of days now. I feel pretty much fine except for tiredness – but that may be partly due to the fact that most days I choose to do my cardio exercise on the bike rather than rest ! So do not fear out there – it seems that in most cases there is life after Omicron. But DO be very careful. Even if the booster shot is shown to be little defence against Omicron, the previous variants are still out there – against which the shots are a proven good defence. And those previous variants are still deadly. My advice ? Don’t relax your guard. Minimise your contacts. Good luck !!! Bri.

“NEO-COVID” ? I have one more piece of random advice. It’s really pure speculation – I don’t have access to research data on infections. This is based purely upon what I have seen, and would rightly be judged to be anecdotal. But around clusters of definite Covid infections over the last couple of weeks, I have noticed that there seem to be groups of people who suddenly get nasty colds, which do not ever produce a positive result in a lateral flow test. The particular “colds” they get seem to exhibit almost identical symptoms to the cluster of positive Covid infected that they were close to. It seems like too much of a coincidence to me. I have this feeling that there might be a kind of “neo–Covid“ reaction out there, perhaps in people who have an immunity for one reason or another, or perhaps only receive a low viral load at the point of infection. Why would this matter? Well, if their symptoms are being caused by the Omicron virus but they are hidden, there must be a possibility that they can infect people around them with the virus. Right ? So my advice is stay away from people who suddenly, for no apparent reason, get nasty colds. And if you get one, think about your family and friends. Bri”

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Queen’s Brian May Further Opens Up About His Battle With COVID-19

Queen’s Brian May has shared a new video update on his battle with COVID-19. The guitarist, who has already received his booster, says the disease feels “like the worst flu you can imagine.”

May said the following:

“[My wife Anita and I] been incredibly careful and really not going anywhere. We’ve been very hermit-like in a way for the past — what is it? — 20 months or so. And then last Saturday, we decided we would go to a birthday lunch. And we thought, ‘Ah, this is the last social function we will go to — not that we go to many anyway. We’ll chance it. Everybody’s triple-jabbed. Everybody’s gonna be with one of these things which says you’re negative on the morning — a lateral flow test. So it seemed to be set up very safely. But, of course, you kind of know you’re taking a risk… It seemed like a safe situation. You have your negative tests and you’re triple-jabbed. So what could possibly go wrong? We thought we were in a kind of safe bubble, so we didn’t wear masks. Not so. So it’s worth knowing that. Now, if it had been a board meeting where everybody’s sitting [a few feet] apart, maybe that wouldn’t have been the case, but the new strain, the new variant seems to be so incredibly transmissible, I’m not even sure that would be safe; this thing is spreading at such an alarming rate.”

He continued:

“Saturday was when the party happened. Sunday, Anita felt a little bit of a cough. I felt kind of all right — maybe a little [sniffly]. Monday, we both started to have some kind of symptoms. And we thought maybe we got some flu or whatever. We were testing the whole time and we were testing negative. And Tuesday, I hear that I think eight people from the party had already tested positive and had the COVID in their systems. And I realized that they had been testing positive up to this point as well. So Tuesday night we tested ourselves once more and we were both positive. So it took that long — Saturday night to Tuesday — for the test to show anything. But I would guess we were infective all along that time. So, unfortunately, the test doesn’t give you immunity from spreading it. Luckily, we pretty much kept away from everybody ’cause we had a bit of a feeling. So hopefully we didn’t infect anybody else, although I’m not sure. We’re now quarantining.”

May also added that he had “two horrendous days” after testing positive:

“I have to say it’s like the worst flu you can imagine, really. And I felt very despondent. But, yeah, we were both poorly. Me particularly, I was pathetic, I didn’t wanna talk to anyone, didn’t wanna see anyone, couldn’t get out of bed. I was just filled with a mess in my head and all the flu symptoms, a terrible cough. Now, Saturday — this is day seven — and I feel pretty good. I felt pretty good the last couple of days. So this thing does go away.”

He also urged everyone to get vaccinated:

“There are so many people in hospitals right now who weren’t jabbed who are right on the line between life and death. And I can’t emphasize to you enough — this is not the response that my body would have made on its own. It’s making this response because I’ve had three Pfizer jabs. And I beg you and implore you to go and get jabbed if you’re not already, ’cause you need the help. I lost one of my very best friends to COVID very early on; in six days, it killed him. It could have done me the last six days, but it didn’t because of the jabs.

I despair seeing these people protesting against the vaccine, protesting against their rights being violated ’cause they might have to wear a mask. Jesus Christ, guys, our parents fought through wars and had their civil rights knocked away.

All anyone is asking is for you to play your part to try and unite against this invader. And it’s a nasty thing, and it isn’t finished yet.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Queen’s Brian May Tests Positive For COVID-19

Queen’s Brian May has tested positive for COVID-19. He said the following about that:

“Yep. The shocking day finally came for me. The dreaded double red line. And yes – definitely NO sympathy please – it has been a truly horrible few days, but I’m OK. And I will tell the tale. PLEASE take extra care out there, good folks. This thing is incredibly transmissible. You really do NOT want it messing up YOUR Christmas. With love – Bri”

New Freddie Mercury (Queen) NFTs To Be Released In Honor Of The Late Singer’s 75th Birthday

Four new NFTs inspired by late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury will be released later this month in honor of his 75th birthday. The digital pieces, which were created by artists Blake Kathryn, Chad Knight, Mat Maitland, and MBSJQ, will be available through SuperRare on September 20 at 8:00 a.m. PDT / 12 p.m. EDT. Proceeds will go towards The Mercury Phoenix Trust. The NFTs were curated by Six Agency and their co-founder Georgio Constantinou had the following to say about them:

“Six was honored to curate an incredible collection of artists to celebrate the life and impact of Freddie Mercury. After meeting with The Mercury Phoenix Trust, we knew that if Freddie were alive today, he would be excited about the creative potential of the NFT space.”

Brian May Says Queen Are “Looking At Ideas” For Possible “Bohemian Rhapsody” Biopic Sequel

During a recent Instagram Live session, Queen guitarist Brian May was asked about the possibility of making a sequel to the band’s biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody.” He responded with the following [via Blabbermouth]:

“We are looking at it. Yeah, we have been looking at ideas. It’s going to be hard to follow that one as none of us could have predicted how massive that was going to be. We put a lot of heart and soul into making it and no one could have predicted [its success] as it was bigger than ‘Gone With The Wind’. But yes, we are thinking maybe it could happen, but it would have to be a great script. It’s going to take a while to figure that out.”

Queen’s “Greatest Hits” To Be Reissued In New Formats

Queen will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of their “Greatest Hits” collection by reissuing it on CD and cassette on July 2. A clear plastic cassette and a slipcased CD will be widely available and some limited edition variants will also be available in the band’s webstore. Those include:

  • Collector’s Edition Frosted Aqua cassette with Freddie Mercury cover
  • Collector’s Edition Transparent Pink cassette with Brian May cover
  • Collector’s Edition Transparent Green cassette with Roger Taylor cover
  • Collector’s Edition Transparent Blue cassette with John Deacon cover
  • Bundle featuring Collector’s Edition CD with exclusive slipcase cover, all four color cassettes, and a gold plated badge (limited to 1000 signed copies)

Queen’s Brian May Undergoes Eye Surgery

Queen guitarist Brian May recently underwent eye surgery. He said the following about that:

“And …. all done !! I really didn’t feel a thing. It was all done with local anaesthetic and a tiny bit of sedation – So I was conscious throughout the whole thing – and fascinated by this amazing procedure. Only about 20 mins. The patch stays on until tomorrow morning. It’s an iPatch ! So obviously I’ll soon have to take it off and put it back on again. 😜 ! Big thanks to my eye surgeon the brilliant Robin Hamilton, and my anaesthetist Con, and all the lovely folks at the London Clinic who have taken care of me so kindly. Bri 😎”

Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” Achieves Rare Diamond Sales Status In The U.S.

Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” has officially been certified diamond by the RIAA after reaching 10 million or more sales and stream equivalents in the U.S. The group are the first-ever British band to earn this status. Brian May commented:

“This is incredible news. At times like this I have to pinch myself to be sure it’s real. All those wild dreams we had — this is beyond any of them. Huge thanks to all who have believed in us over the years.”

Roger Taylor added:

“It’s a wonderful and gratifying thought to know the song has reached out and connected with so many people! We thank you all… onwards.”