Watch Pro-Shot Footage Of While She Sleeps Playing A Small Show In A London Dive Bar

While She Sleeps recently played a small show at Blondies in London, England for Kerrang!. You can see pro-shot footage of that below:


Up To 100 Phones Stolen During While She Sleeps’ London Show

According to Evening Standard, up to 100 phones were stolen from the crowd during While She Sleeps‘ March 1 show at the Roundhouse in London, England. The theft is believed to be the work of an organized gang, but none of them were caught. Security searched everyone as they exited the venue and they even had fans unlock their phones to prove that they owned them, but it didn’t appear to make a difference.

While She Sleeps Share Documentary For New Album “So What?”

While She Sleeps have shared a new documentary on their new album “So What?.“ That effort will be released on March 1. The group commented:

“So What? The documentary is out now. We wanted to capture the parts of making a record that are never promoted or talked about. It’s hard to see through the eyes of social media that life happens before music. You get to see the absolute end product of an artists work in one scroll or less these days. We wanted a fly on the wall to capture the inside workings of our band and life as to give you an insight into what really goes into making an album. This is very personal to us so we hope you enjoy it and respect our trust in you by showing you this.”