Tooth And Claw (Earth Crisis, SECT, Etc.) Premiere “Your Crucifixion” Video

Tooth And Claw (Earth Crisis, SECT, etc.) have premiered a new video for their new song “Your Crucifixion.” This track is from the band’s new album “Dream Of Ascension,“ which will be released on May 21.

Frontman Daniel Austin commented:

“Believe it or not, “Your Crucifixion‘ might be the most optimistic, uplifting song on our LP. It’s a song about transcendence–transcending life’s inherently absurd and stagnant misery (LOL) towards an existence that hints at a chance of actually being meaningful — or at least one that’s perceived to be so. Who knows what’s real, illusion, or otherwise anymore given the post-truth climate of the world? Perhaps we know too much for our own good.

All we can do is try our best to forge some meaning in the madness of everything that’s coming at us. In order for us to do that as well as we humanly can, we’re going to have to sift through the wisdom of the past, the knowledge and vitality of the now, and utilize the best of both to steady ourselves for the suffering that is just around the bend. No matter how you face your inevitable suffering, you’re going to be judged for it–by those around you, or if you’re lucky, the greater collective consciousness of humanity and its generations to come.

People act like being judgmental is an ugly attribute of human character, but we all judge all the time, to ourselves and each other. You will judge and be judged. You are judging and being judged right now, so embrace it. Try to choose and love wisely. We wish you the best of luck on your path.

Regarding the video, director Justin Reich said he read the lyrics and wanted to find a place that was visually fitting for the concepts in the song. He found a defunct grain silo overgrown with vines and reeds in rural North Carolina, so we all went out there to shoot the video in the 30 degree January cold. He noted that the top of the silo, with all its overgrowth, reminded him of a crown of thorns, and that was what made him decide on that shooting location.

While ‘Your Crucifixion’ is not a song about Christianity in any way, we admit there are few metaphors in Western culture as powerful or prevalent as that of the crucifixion and, aside from being advocates of the vegan straight edge lifestyle, we are also advocates for the power of metaphor. After all, as Albert Camus posited in his classic, The Fall, ‘There are only Christians,’ whether we secular westerners identify as such or not.”

[via Decibel]

Tooth And Claw (Earth Crisis, Etc.) Premiere New Song “Arrival”

Tooth And Claw, the new band featuring Cameron Joplin (Magnitude, Ecostrike), Scott Crouse (Earth Crisis, etc.), James Chang (Undying, etc.), and Daniel Austin (Die Young), have premiered a new song titled “Arrival.” You can check that out below:

Austin told No Echo the following:

“When Scott originally sent me the demo for this song, he mentioned he had been listening to a lot of Alice in Chains. That choppy, dissonant lead riff immediately made me think of the Alice in Chains song ‘Man in the Box‘…. (and) I realized I had pretty much been listening to that song my whole life yet not knowing precisely what the lyrics to it were about. Turns out they are about an addict’s internal dialogue between himself and the voice of his addiction pulling him back into drug use, like a ‘dog who gets beat.’

What I took from that was that I liked the concept of an inner dialogue, and that’s the driving concept of what ‘Arrival‘ illustrates – that duality within each of us, the passive and the aggressive.

Our song is a portrayal of an inner dialogue about retaliation–the angels and the demons within each of us trying to influence us to either obey an oppressor or return the aggression of the trespasses that have been visited upon us. It’s about that moment of reaching a breaking point when you have to fight back.

For many of us in the so-called ‘civilized’ world, both collectively and individually, we’ve lost our teeth, our ability to fight back, in part due to history of compliance and the self-defeating belief that we couldn’t do anything to change our situation. But then, in a moment, that Mr. Hyde comes out, and we learn that there are forces of destruction within us that can be very useful in terms of getting what we want for ourselves, or at the very least, drawing clear boundaries between those who might take advantage of us to declare to them: ‘No more.’

We’re seeing this very narrative play out in America right now in the protests and pushback against unjust policing, and I think it is a beautiful thing. But as with all things Tooth and Claw will do, it doesn’t necessarily have to entail any kind of sociopolitical interpretation. This can also be a very personal story. I’ve certainly got my own personal points of experience that informed how I fleshed this one out lyrically.”

Tooth And Claw (Earth Crisis, Etc.) Premiere New Song “Kiss Of Night”

Tooth And Claw, the new band featuring Cameron Joplin (Magnitude, Ecostrike), Scott Crouse (Earth Crisis, etc.), James Chang (Undying, etc.), and Daniel Austin (Die Young), have premiered a new song titled “Kiss Of Night.” You can check that out below:

Frontman Daniel Austin told Decibel the following:

“Lyrically, ‘Kiss Of Night‘ is about rites of initiation, particularly for young men, but not necessarily just for young men. I just know the audience for aggressive music is overwhelmingly male, and I’m a male, so I figure I don’t have the knowledge or reach to speak of the female experience regarding these things.

The masculine or feminine dynamic isn’t as important as the process of individuation that I’m singing about in this one–going through the dark, painful, and difficult experiences that bring you into adulthood, as a self-sufficient, self-sustaining individual. It’s a lot like Batman being forced to go into the cave and face his greatest fears, or very much like how in many indigenous tribes, adolescent boys would be taken from their beds at night and cast out into the wilderness by the village elders.

The boy would have to learn to fend for himself in the wild, and if he survived to make it back to the village, he was no longer allowed to live among the children and women as before. From then on he had to assume roles of defense and food gathering for the tribe. There was no going back to the comfort known as a child.

From a modern perspective, this sounds cruel and unjust to do to a child, but given how many people we all know who waste their lives playing video games, riddled by social, economic, and sexual anxiety (and the way everyone’s anxieties seem to be mounting and compounding), I figured romanticizing a return to a more brutish, self-sufficient nature, especially for young men, might be a welcomed discussion these days.

The older I get, the more I think there was at least some wisdom in the perceived cruelty and harshness of older men. Personally, I have had these kinds of epiphanies with my own father, and drawing from his experience has helped me get through some recent dark patches in my own life. ‘Kiss Of Night‘ is about going through the darkness to emerge as a better, more complete self.”

Tooth And Claw (Earth Crisis, Etc.) Tease New Song

Tooth And Claw, the new band featuring Cameron Joplin (Magnitude, Ecostrike), Scott Crouse (Earth Crisis, etc.), James Chang (Undying, etc.), and Daniel Austin (Die Young), have posted a teaser for their new song “A Plea For Atonement || Lost In A Dream.” The full track will be released on August 5.

Earth Crisis, Magnitude, Undying, Etc. Members Join Forces In Tooth And Claw

Cameron Joplin (Magnitude, Ecostrike), Scott Crouse (Earth Crisis, etc.), James Chang (Undying, etc.), and Daniel Austin (Die Young) have joined forces in a new project called Tooth And Claw. The band said the following:

“Formed during the shelter-in-place orders of Spring 2020, we’re here to explore new realms of aggression through music.”