Thornhill Launch GoFundMe After Losing Nearly $100,000 Worth Of Gear In Rehearsal Space Theft

Thornhill recently lost close to $100,000 worth of gear after thieves broke into their rehearsal space. You can help the band out by donating HERE.

The group commented:

“Sometime in the last few days our rehearsal space had been broken into and most of everything Thornhill and our members own has been stolen. The site where our rehearsal space is located had a major fire, and so no video evidence was captured as it had cut all power to the entire block.

This is a devastating blow to the band after the last year we have had trying to get back on track mentally, gearing up for a big year of touring, however with this incident nearing $100,000 worth of belongings stolen we have barely anything left, with drums, cymbals,guitar equipment, IEM racks, merch, cases, banners and personals being amongst the things stolen from the premises.

We have insurance however with CCTV footage and only a police report to go by we can only assume that we won’t recover any of our costs back.

We are working closely with our agents in regards with our upcoming New Zealand and Australian tours to see if we can make things work, and, we are trying our best to put these shows on for you.

We have a link for a Gofundme below, which is to help replace the gear that we had, if you can spare anything it would mean the world to us as we are trying to find a way to get back on our feet and keep this band alive.

Please donate if you can and share around, love as always.

Jacob, Ethan, Ben and Nick“

Thornhill Premiere “The Hellfire Club” Live Video

Thornhill have premiered a new live video for their song “The Hellfire Club.“ The clip was filmed during the band’s August 28 show at Respectable Street in West Palm Beach, FL. The track appears on their latest album “Heroine.“

Thornhill Premiere “Raw” Music Video

Thornhill have premiered a new video for their new song “Raw.” This track is from the band’s new album “Heroine,” which will be released on June 3. Vocalist Jacob Charlton said the following about the song:

“The story of the song ‘Raw’ follows an actress’ responses to various requests, love letters, and desperate attempts made by fans and stalkers after her first major success, appearing in a soon-to-be cult classic film. This song primarily focuses on character of the voice rather than complex melodies and harmonies. So I really wanted to bring a story to life that matches the attitude of the instruments. The way that she fights back these attempts and turns them down requires a lot of bravery and strength and it was more of the angle I wanted to hit, rather than relying on angry, dark lyrical themes.”

Watch Thornhill Perform “Casanova” And A Cover Of Muse’s “Supermassive Black Hole” For Triple J‘s “Like A Version”

Thornhill recently performed “Casanova” and a cover of Muse’s “Supermassive Black Hole” for Triple J‘s “Like A Version.” You can see footage of that in-studio session below. This news comes as the group are preparing to release their new album “Heroine” on June 3.

Thornhill Premiere “Hollywood” Music Video

Thornhill have premiered a new video for their new song “Hollywood.” This track is from the band’s new album “Heroine,” which will be released on June 3.

Jacob Charlton commented:

“The premise of this song follows a protagonist, who is coming to terms with being in love with another girl he’s just met while still being in a relationship that has been slowly falling apart around him. This one-in-a-million encounter with someone who has changed his entire world in a matter of glances is the theme we follow throughout the song until he finally builds the courage to say it out loud. He makes little decisions, puts his current partner in a bad light to make himself feel like he’s in the right, and calls her names as she begs him to announce his true feelings for someone he’s met on their trip to Hollywood.”

“Heroine” Track Listing:

01. “The Hellfire Club”
02. “Leather Wings”
03. “Blue Velvet”
04. “Arkangel”
05. “Valentine”
06. “Casanova”
07. “Something Terrible Came With The Rain”
08. “Hollywood”
09. “Raw”
10. “Varsity Hearts”
11. “Heroine”

Thornhill Premiere “Arkangel” Music Video

Thornhill have premiered a new video for their new song “Arkangel.” You can check that out below:

Guitarist Ethan McCann commented:

“I started writing ‘Arkangel‘ after surrounding myself with media from the late ’90s and early ’00s. I found the hit of nostalgia to be incredibly comforting while we were all locked away. I wanted this song to make you feel the way I felt watching these shows and movies from this period, so I treated it almost like a film score.

I found the opening credits to the old Sarah Michelle Gellar ‘Buffy‘ series and basically wrote to that opening sequence. The sections of the song move quite rapidly, the root changes three or four times within the first minute which to me is what a band full of teenagers would be doing in their garage. They don’t really know what they’re doing but it feels natural and is such a perfect representation of that era that they are living in.”

Vocalist Jacob Charlton added:

“I usually write lyrics and melodies around the general atmosphere Ethan brings to each track to better bring it forward in the listener and myself, as a lyricist. But this time around with Ethan‘s newfound method of creating, I decided to change up my work flow and write a bit more like a script or movie narrative to allow for more ambiguous storytelling and attitude to come through, rather than just giving up the meaning straight away. ‘Arkangel‘ is an alternate take on the story of ‘Icarus,’ discussing the tension between two lovers who become violent with one another as friction builds in their lustful affair.”