The Machinist Premiere New Song “PIG”

The Machinist have premiered a new song titled “PIG.” This track is from the band’s new album “All Is Not Well,” which will be released on July 8. Amanda Gjelaj commented:

“Writing ‘PIG‘ was very emotional. Lyrically, it’s in your face and gets straight to the point. We were in the middle of a global pandemic and in the middle of the Black Lives Matter movement, going to protests and seeing things I never thought I would have to see. This song is political but very real. We want our fans to feel and understand how serious these times are. With that being said, we are very excited to show everyone ‘PIG.‘”

The Machinist To Release New Album “All Is Not Well” In July

The Machinist have announced that their new album, “All Is Not Well,” will be released on July 8. You can find a music video for the effort’s title track below:

“All Is Not Well” Track Listing:

01. “PIG”
02. “Mother Earth”
03. “All Is Not Well”
04. “Hourglass”
05. “The Final Encounter”
06. “Death’s Embrace”
07. “Lysergic Lullaby”
08. “Monsters”
09. “Letter In Red”

Vocalist Amanda Gjelaj commented:

“Writing and recording for this album was incredible. I worked with both Ricky Armelino and my fiancé Brian Ginzberg to put together the best possible lyrics, vocal melodies and patterns. Also, I wanted to make sure that what The Machinist believes in, stands for and are against as a band is heard. ‘All is Not Well’ and ‘PIG,’ for example, are both completely different songs speaking about different issues with different sounds to them. Throughout the whole album numerous things are brought up from from mental health, aliens, losing a loved one and political and global issues. It has variety and a lot of meaning. I really hope it connects with our fans as this is something I personally love to do and I know the rest of The Machinist does as well.”

[via Metal Injection]