SikTh Premiere “Cracks Of Light” Music Video Feat. Periphery’s Spencer Sotelo

SikTh have premiered a new video for their song “Cracks Of Light” feat. Periphery’s Spencer Sotelo. This song is from the band’s latest album “The Future In Whose Eyes?.”

Mikee W Goodman said the following:

“I have had a lot of positive messages from fans thanking me for the lyrics in this song actually. ‘Cracks Of Light‘ is a dark song but it does have a positive message.

Inspiration comes from my own battles with depression and trying to find light through the darkness. Some days people have to go through such sadness to find the happiness.

People learn a lot more about themselves in certain situations like this.”

SikTh Announce December 2017 UK Tour

SikTh have announced some December UK shows. Check out the dates:

12/02 Manchester, UK – Academy 3
12/03 Glasgow, UK – Garage
12/04 Birmingham, UK – O2 Institute2
12/06 Bristol, UK – SWX
12/07 Brighton, UK – Concorde 2
12/08 London, UK – Koko

SikTh Premiere “Golden Cufflinks” Music Video

SikTh have premiered a new video for their new song “Golden Cufflinks.” This song is from the band’s new album “The Future In Whose Eyes?,” which will be released on June 2.

Mikee W Goodman said the following:

“When I wrote the lyrics for ‘Golden Cufflinks,’ they were initially inspired by the amount of live music venues that are being closed and a feeling that rock culture is in decline. The venue which sticks out to me the most is the famous London Astoria. Some of the best SikTh shows were in the LA2 and main Astoria. I went a lot as a fan as well. So when that was closed and knocked down to make way for Crossrail, it really was a sad and defining moment in rock history for me and many others.

I think places of such rich history and cultural importance should be protected and preserved. I see this happening across the country and world — so many other venues being shut down and how scenes and golden eras come and go. How we have to move along or do it seems.

You see the business men buying up cities to turn them into the most profitable and bland form. It follows a similar theme from our song ‘Bland Street Bloom‘ from ‘Death Of A Dead Day.’ This happens in many cities; it is not just about London. ‘Golden Cufflinks‘ is a reflection and commentary of this kind of happening.”

SikTh Premiere New Song “Vivid”, Reveal Details For New Album “The Future In Whose Eyes?”

SikTh have premiered a new song titled “Vivid.” This song is from their new album “The Future In Whose Eyes?,” which will be released on June 2.

“The Future In Whose Eyes?” Track Listing:

01. “Vivid”
02. “Century Of The Narcissist?”
03. “The Aura”
04. “The Ship Has Sailed”
05. “Weavers Of Woe”
06. “Cracks Of Light” (feat. Periphery’s Spencer Sotelo)
07. “Golden Cufflinks” (feat. Periphery’s Spencer Sotelo)
08. “The Moon’s Been Gone For Hours”
09. “Riddles Of Humanity”
10. “No Wishbones”
11. “Ride The Illusion”
12. “When It Rains”

SikTh Premiere New Song “No Wishbones”

SikTh have premiered new song titled “No Wishbones.” This song is from the band’s new album which will be released on May 26.

Mikee Goodman said the following:

“‘No Wishbones‘ was inspired by travelling to many places around the world and seeing the extremes of poverty and how some people have to live their lives; whilst also observing the financial wealth of others in those very places. It affected me deeply. Anyway, the song is just a reflection, I say in the lyrics I am just a commentator observing, like many of us.”