Metal Anarchy Exclusive: She Must Burn Talk Latest Album “Grimoire”

I was recently given the opportunity to interview She Must Burn about their latest album “Grimoire,” which is available now. You can check out that chat below.


METAL ANARCHY: First of all, how would you describe your band for readers who may be unfamiliar with you?

SHE MUST BURN: We are a 6 piece blackened Deathcore Outfit from London UK.

METAL ANARCHY: Your recently released album “Grimoire” slays! What are some of your favourite tracks from the effort, and what are the inspirations behind them?

SHE MUST BURN: Thank you very much! We would say “The Wicked.” This is a song is about being cast out and being ostracised for being different. We always write our songs about real life issues from a supernatural perspective so the “The Wicked” was portrayed by a young girl been cast out as a witch. Next would be “Gloom.” This was written about a family member of one of the band members. It’s about someone who isolates themselves from the world, we intertwined the story of Edward Scissorhands into this. And we would also say “After Death.” This track is about the spirit of someone who has died being carried to the after life by a raven. The raven was symbolised differently in various cultures and religions, Nordic religions stated the raven took you to heaven, whereas Christianity saw a raven as bad luck or a negative symbol of death, for example. In this song the spirit has seen the raven but doesn’t know what it represents, is he going to heaven or hell? to put it simply. 

METAL ANARCHY: One track that stood out to me was one you just mentioned, “Gloom.” That one features guest vocals from Sean Harmanis (Make Them Suffer). How did that collaboration come about?

SHE MUST BURN: We actually met Sean at the Never Say Die show in London. We were there to meet Scott from Carnifex prior to the US tour we just finished. We got chatting and we worked something out, we will definitely be working with them again. 

METAL ANARCHY: Is there anything else you would like to add about “Grimoire”?

SHE MUST BURN: Yeah for sure. Check it it out if you haven’t done so already. It is now up on spotify in its entirety so you can have a listen on there. It’s on all of the major platforms, iTunes, Google play, Amazon, etc. so grab a copy if you are digging it. We will also be playing lots of our new material at download festival so that is your chance to come and see the album played live if you are in the UK and stay tuned for me news and content really soon. 

METAL ANARCHY: Lastly, how was your recent tour with Carnifex, Fallujah, Rings of Saturn, and Lorna Shore?

SHE MUST BURN: We had a great time and made some good friends. The tour was awesome, the fans were fantastic and we became family with the bands touring with us. We can’t wait to get on the road again and hopefully cross paths with Carnifex, Fallujah, Rings of Saturn, and Lorna Shore in the near future.

She Must Burn Premiere New Song “The Wicked” Feat. Scott Ian Lewis (Carnifex)

She Must Burn are streaming a new song titled “The Wicked” feat. Scott Ian Lewis (Carnifex). This song is from their new album “Grimoire,” which will be released on March 3.

She Must Burn Premiere New Song “Gloom” Feat. Sean Harmanis (Make Them Suffer)

She Must Burn have premiered a new song titled “Gloom” featuring Sean Harmanis (Make Them Suffer), via Revolver. The band’s new album is expected to be released in March.