Puppy Premiere “My Offer” Music Video

Puppy have premiered a new video for their new song “My Offer.” This track is from the band’s new album “Pure Evil,” which will be released on May 6.

The group commented:

“The mission statement for our new album ‘Pure Evil’ was to reach into every corner of our musical interests and put together something that felt free and fun. ‘My Offer’ is (hopefully) both of those things and a pretty rare instance of us pushing the tempo up a bit. In true Puppy fashion however, we had to throw the nastiest, sludgiest riff on the record in there halfway through just to stop things getting too stale. It’s one of the new tracks we’re most excited about playing live for sure.”

“We made the video for the track using an iPhone face-hacking app normally used for lip sync videos on Tik Tok, turning the technology instead onto scenes & characters from our favourite paintings by Hieronymous Bosch. ‘The Last Judgement’ and ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ are two triptychs which juxtapose fantastic images of divine purity & grandeur with some of the most nightmarish & grotesque visuals ever painted; idealised visions of pastel purity & Edenic excess rub up against strange, bestial creatures which torture one-another amidst Hellish tableaus. It all feels very Heavy Metal somehow.

We figured that if anything could make these eerie creatures more surreal & unnerving, having them sing along to the latest Puppy track might be a good place to start.”

Puppy Premiere “Shame” Music Video

Puppy have premiered a new video for their latest single “Shame.” This track is from the band’s new album “Pure Evil,” which will be released on May 6.

The group commented:

“In the studio, we as a band were all really excited about the song ‘Shame’, because it kind of presented the perfect distillation of what Puppy are all about; big, dramatic musical themes built around a more vulnerable, introspective core. It’s probably one of the more sad songs we’ve put out, but also has this powerful bass & drum groove, with duel, harmony guitars that sound a bit like Randy Rhoads era Ozzy, played by an over excited teenager in their bedroom.

It felt important to approach the video in a similar manner – to present grandiose imagery in a way that still felt raw & a bit sad. For our album, ‘Pure Evil‘, we’ve tried to utilise an aesthetic that feeds off lo-fi fantasy imagery and cosplay subcultures; nestling ourselves & our album into a strata of geekdom that projects out into multiple alternate realities, from the lugubrious comfort of your own bedroom. ‘Shame‘ kind of feels like a neat crystallisation of these ideas. We filmed it with our drummer Billy’s 8-year-old brother Sonny and both we & he are all very excited to finally put it out.”

Puppy Premiere New Song “Shame”

Puppy have premiered a new song titled “Shame.” This track is from the band’s new album “Pure Evil,” which will be released on May 6. The group commented:

“‘Shame‘ is possibly our favourite song on the album (although they’re all stone cold rippers). It marks a big step forward for us creatively in our minds because you’ve still got all the hallmarks of our “sound” (sweet harmony guitars, sad boi lyrics), but set against these big snappy groove between the drums and bass. We wanted you to be able to blast it out your low rider with the windows down whilst analysing your life choices and maybe crying a bit.”

Puppy Premiere “…And Watched It Glow” Music Video

Puppy have premiered a new video for their latest single “…And Watched It Glow.” This track is from the band’s new album “Pure Evil,” which will be released on May 6.

The group commented:

“This was a really fun track to write. The germ of the idea came from tuning our guitars as low as we could get them and just playing this obnoxious drone at this head nodding slow tempo. That musical brashness fed into the lyrics as well, and the whole thing kind of became a bit of an anthem about doing things your own way and having fun with it. Even the album title ‘Pure Evil‘ is sort of a call-back to the parent bothering titles of Reagan-era Heavy Metal and how joyously churlish that attitude was. We wanted to approach the video for ‘…And Watched it Glow‘ in a similar manner, especially with it coinciding with our album announcement.”

Puppy To Release New Album “Pure Evil” In May, Premiere New Song “…And Watched It Glow”

Puppy have announced that their new album, “Pure Evil,” will be released on May 6. You can check out the effort’s latest single, “…And Watched It Glow,” below:

Jock Norton said the following about the new record:

“We had to dig fairly deep to find the purpose in doing any of it, because the global narrative was rightly shifted to more important things. But I think to be honest that sort of introspection had filtered through into other aspects of our lives, so being able to record this album sort of gave us a bit of purpose and something to cling on to.

Ultimately for us we wanted to feel engaged and productive and useful, even if it was only for ourselves and each other. Like I said, there’d be times when it would feel a bit meaningless, but getting to a place where you’re comfortable with that and happy to let the work be it’s own reward really helped us grow as a band and as people I think.”

He also added the following about the title:

“I think we all liked how dumb it sounded. But then the dichotomy of the two words really resonated as well. Broadly speaking I think we’ve always tried to combine classic pop songwriting with a love of heavier music, and on this album I think we take that a step further with some of our loudest moments combined with some of our sweetest.

It feels like a nice way to say something about the band and our ethos while ultimately still being able to call it something stupid.”

Puppy Premiere “The Kiss” Music Video

Puppy have premiered a new song titled “The Kiss.” You can find an official video for that track below:

Jock Norton said the following about the song:

“‘The Kiss‘ actually and came out of songwriting sessions for our first album ‘The Goat‘. For whatever reason it was left by the wayside, but when we started recording new material across the last year or so we decided to try laying down a proper version of it just to see how it would sound (and because we were too lazy to come up with any new songs). What we ended up with sounded way better than the acoustic version Billy had on his phone from 4 years ago, so at a vote of 2 to 1 (sorry Bill) we decided to release the new one. We hope you enjoy it.”

Billy Howard also added the following about the video:

“We teamed up with Jacek Smarz, a mysterious and enigmatic long term friend of the band, who created the batshit animations that serve as a pretty good visual representation of where our heads were at when we were recording the music. It’s the first time we’ve shared creative duties on a video with someone not in the band, and we are shocked and horrified to find the amazing difference it makes when you hand over control to someone actually knows what they’re doing.”

Puppy Announce December UK Tour

Puppy have announced a December UK tour. Inhuman Nature will open.

Tour Dates:

12/12 Bristol, UK – The Exchange
12/13 Southampton, UK – The Joiners
12/14 Leeds, UK – Brudenell Social Club
12/15 Leicester, UK – Firebug
12/16 Manchester, UK – The Deaf Institute
12/17 London, UK – The Garage (with Gender Roles)

Puppy commented:

“After sustained bouts of pressure from our musical peers, the media, and leading political figures, we have finally yielded and agreed to embark on one of our legendary UK tours. For a nominal fee, our “fans” will be able to come and watch us “play” a selection of “songs” from our back catalogue as well as being our first chance to road test a bunch of absolute face melters we’ve been cooking up over the last year.

Joining us on this mighty quest are legendary shredders Inhuman Nature, and for our hometown throw-down in London we will be also blessed with the presence of Gender Roles. Come punch yourself in the face in the front row while all three bands launch riff after riff straight into your minds why don’t you?”

Puppy Premiere New Song “Angel”

Puppy have premiered a new song titled “Angel.” You can find a lyric video for that track below:

The band commented:

“During 2020 we focused on trying to write the best album the world had ever heard. Our goal for this first single was to combine the power of ‘November Rain‘, ‘Purple Rain‘ and ‘Can you Stand the Rain‘ times 1000. I think you’ll all agree that we massively succeeded.”

They also added the following about the lyric video:

“We at Puppy have always wanted to incorporate the world of gaming into what we do. With the video for our new single ‘Angel’, we all felt that the time was right to branch out into the world on technology. When our initial proposal for a fully immersive Oculus Rift sci-fi fantasy in which our topless avatars do battle with intergalactic warlords was dismissed as ‘really expensive’ and ‘not at all believable’, we quickly suggested a Final Fantasy style concept in which incredibly muscular versions of ourselves went on quests and solved puzzles with giant axes.

This was also apparently ‘a terrible idea’. Our next approach involved a physically interactive training pod module in the style of Michael Jackson’s Space Scramble Training, in which we’d guide players on a perilous mission to Uranus. Our label threatened to drop us when we sent over the treatment.

And so we moved back, one console at a time, between operating systems and decades, until we arrived at the 8 bit capabilities of the NES, the only graphics system simple and cheap enough for us to try and imitate by ourselves. The result is our new video for ‘Angel’, a (not at all) immersive 8-bit gothic fantasy designed and animated by us with love and affection. We hope you enjoy x”

In other news, Puppy have also announced that they will be playing a headlining show at The Garage in London, England on December 17. The group are also set to perform at the Upsurge Festival in London on August 30.

Puppy Premiere “Powder Blue” Video

Puppy have premiered a new video for their song “Powder Blue.” This track is from the band’s latest EP “III.”

The group commented:

“‘Powder Blue‘ is the first song on our last EP, ‘iii‘. We called it that because it was our third EP, and because there are three of us in the band. For whatever reason, triptychs, triplets, three-pieces, and trilogies felt quite important to us at that point.

The whole idea with the songs on ‘iii‘ was that they should sound like what they are: three people in a room together, with little-to-no over-dubs, add-ons, or studio wizardry. It’s fitting then that, because of world events, the video ended up mirroring this concept in its simplicity.

We had a lot of ambitious ideas for this video going into it, and for many reasons these didn’t exactly play out how we’d hoped. But we like this video now precisely because of its limitations; because, like the EP, it’s a record of three people coming together to try and make something bigger than the sum of their parts. The fact that we failed miserably doesn’t seem to matter as much now.”

Puppy Release New EP “III”

Puppy have surprise released a new EP titled “III.” The effort is available on various streaming services and the band had the following to say about it:

“Three is the number of time. Past, present and future. Three years have passed since we released vol ii, so we present you with this. Here’s to the future.”

“III” Track Listing:

01. “Powder Blue”
02. “Agatha”
03. “_Fig.1”
04. “Serotonin”
05. “Charms”
06. “_Fig.2”
07. “Star Of The Sea”
08. “Letterbomb”