Heart’s Nancy Wilson Pays Tribute To Late Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins With New Song “Amigo Amiga”

Heart’s Nancy Wilson has released a new song, titled “Amigo Amiga,” in honor of late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. Proceeds from the track will go towards MusiCares. Wilson told Consequence the following:

“I heard myself in tears saying ‘too soon too soon’ which became a refrain in the song. I spent quite a few sleepless nights trying to express it all. He was a wonderful friend and we always had funny pet names for each other like ‘Amigo’ and ‘Amiga’ as well as ‘Luv’ and ‘Dahling’.”

She also added:

“It is such a painful loss — but it also feels like Taylor has galvanized and re-energized rock ‘n’ roll with so many of his musician friends and fans coming together. It’s a new renaissance Taylor and the FOO family have gifted us all.”

Heart’s Nancy Wilson Sells Catalog Rights To Round Hill Music

Heart’s Nancy Wilson has sold a portion of her catalog rights to Round Hill Music. The deal includes a significant share of rights to the band.

More details were shared via Blabbermouth:

“Round Hill Music has acquired a significant share of the master artist royalties and entered into a long-term agreement to administer the neighboring rights income of the catalog of Nancy Wilson, acclaimed singer, songwriter and guitarist of Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame-inducted band HEART.

Key acquisition highlights include a significant share of the rights to HEART, who have sold over 35 million records worldwide and have a total of four Grammy nominations to date. The catalog includes the No. 1 hit ‘These Dreams’ that was certified platinum five times. Further classic tracks in the catalog include ‘Barracuda’, ‘Magic Man’, ‘Alone’ and ‘Crazy On You’.

HEART’s breakthrough came in 1975 with the release of their debut double platinum selling album ‘Dreamboat Annie’, which generated the hits ‘Magic Man’ and ‘Crazy On You’. Their third studio album ‘Little Queen’ has reached double and triple platinum in Canada and United States, respectively. In 1985, HEART released their eighth studio album which produced the band’s first No. 1 single, ‘These Dreams’ and was certified platinum five times and nominated for a Grammy Award for ‘Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal’.

Wilson, who has been ranked as one of the greatest female guitarists of all time by Gibson, was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2013 with her sister Ann. That same year, she and her sister Ann, also a member of HEART, received a star on the Walk Of Fame in Hollywood.

Round Hill Music’s acquisition comprises a significant share of Nancy Wilson’s master artist royalties and administration rights on Nancy Wilson’s neighboring rights income.

The catalog has significant exposure to streaming, comprising 35% of revenue mix, with the balance being comprised of 2% physical, 7% download, 13% sync and 4% other. Neighboring rights income comprises 39% of the catalog’s revenue. In terms of geographical exposure, 61% of the revenue is from the U.S., while the balance is from other countries.

The top five songs ranked by revenue are: ‘Barracuda’, ‘Alone’, ‘Crazy On You’, ‘Magic Man’, and ‘These Dreams’. All figures are based on the catalog’s royalty statements in the calendar years 2017-2020.

Trevor Bowen, chair of the company, commented: ‘We are very pleased to announce the acquisition of Nancy Wilson’s fantastic catalog of classic HEART tracks from across her career including songs from her double and triple-platinum-selling albums. This important acquisition provides the company with direct exposure to a timeless American rock band.’

Josh Gruss, chairman and CEO of Round Hill, the company’s investment manager, commented: ‘Nancy has had astonishing success over the last 45 years. She is an icon and the longevity of her music is a testament to her incredible talent.’

Nancy Wilson commented: ‘I’m honored to be working with the good people at Round Hill and am looking forward to an ongoing working relationship.'”

Heart’s Nancy Wilson Shares Extended Eddie Van Halen Tribute “4 Edward With Love”

Heart’s Nancy Wilson has shared an extended version of her Eddie Van Halen tribute song “4 Edward.” The updated take on the track is titled “4 Edward With Love” and a video for it can be found below. The original version appears on Wilson’s solo album “You And Me.”

Nancy Wilson (Heart) Premieres “Walk Away” Video

Nancy Wilson (Heart) has premiered a new video for her song “Walk Away.” That track is from her recently released solo album “You And Me.” Wilson told Parade Magazine the following:

“When I put a plan together to film the home video for ‘Walk Away’ I wanted not to go too dark with the images. The song itself carries a somewhat painful message so I decided to bring shiny and sparkly reflections into the frame.”

Nancy Wilson (Heart) Premieres New Video For Her Cover Of Pearl Jam’s “Daughter”

Nancy Wilson (Heart) has premiered a new video for her cover of Pearl Jam’s “Daughter.” The track was originally recorded for Netflix’s “I Am All Girls” and it also appears on her solo album “You And Me.” Wilson commented:

“I initially recorded ‘Daughter’ for the film, a powerful story about sex trafficking in South Africa. I was drawn to the global tragedy of human trafficking and the lyrics sung from a women’s perspective also mirror the power of the girls’ untold stories. This film is a revelation and sheds meaning and light on these realities. Trafficking is a global phenomenon that impacts women around the world. I recorded this version as an anthem to them.”

Nancy Wilson (Heart) To Perform With The Seattle Symphony

Nancy Wilson (Heart) will be performing with the Seattle Symphony at the Benaroya Hall in Seattle, WA on July 9. Liv Warfield (Prince), Wilson’s Roadcase Royale project, and musicians from the Heart band will also take part in the event. Wilson told Newsweek the following:

“It’s like, ‘Why don’t we just do a show and do a livestream of it and maybe get a couple more shows under our belts with various cities with the same charts with symphonies from those cities at performing art centers?’. So that’s the pipe dream right now. I can’t wait to put it together and do it. It will be fun.”

Watch Nancy Wilson Perform Her Eddie Van Halen Tribute Song “4 Edward”

Nancy Wilson (Heart) has shared footage of herself performing her latest single “4 Edward.” That track serves as a tribute to the late great Eddie Van Halen and it will appear on Wilson’s new solo album “You And Me,” which is set to be released on May 7. Wilson commented:

“When Heart toured with Van Halen I asked Eddie why he never played acoustic guitar, his response ‘I don’t have one. I gave Eddie one of mine and he immediately wrote a song on it that stole my heart. After he passed, it hit me so hard I felt it was time to pay tribute to him.”

Nancy Wilson (Heart) Pays Tribute To Eddie Van Halen With “4 Edward”

Nancy Wilson (Heart) has premiered a new song titled “4 Edward.” The track serves as a tribute to the late great Eddie Van Halen and it will appear on Wilson’s new solo album “You And Me,” which is set to be released on May 7.