Elder & Kadavar Premiere “Blood Moon Night” Video

Elder and Kadavar have premiered a new video for their song “Blood Moon Night.” This track appears on Elder and Kadavar’s recently released collaborative album, “Eldovar: A Story Of Darkness & Light.”

Elder & Kadavar Premiere “El Matador” Video

Elder and Kadavar have premiered a new video for their new song “El Matador.” The clip features footage from director Ismaël El Iraki’s film “Burning Casablanca (Zanka Contact)” and it can be seen below. The track features Kristof Hahn (Swans) and it will appear on Elder and Kadavar’s new collaborative album, “Eldovar: A Story Of Darkness & Light,” which is set to be released on December 3.

Elder & Kadavar Premiere “From Deep Within” Video

Elder and Kadavar have premiered a new video for their new song “From Deep Within.” This track is from their new collaborative album “Eldovar: A Story Of Darkness & Light,” which will be released on December 3.

Elder commented:

“We’re happy to show you all the first song from our new record with Kadavar, entitled ‘From Deep Within!’.

Working on this album together was a really refreshing and new experience for us. This track in particular was the first we worked on after our initial jam sessions, fleshed out in a day, and it does a great job of capturing both bands’ creative energy. We hope you dig it and look forward to getting this thing out there on December 3rd!

You can preorder Eldovar now at Robotor Records and Stickman Records. North American friends! Distro is being sorted out. We will inform you which shops you can order from as soon as we have the info. Thanks for your support!”

Elder & Kadavar Join Forces For New Collaborative Album “Eldovar: A Story Of Darkness & Light”

Elder and Kadavar have joined forces for a new collaborative album called “Eldovar: A Story Of Darkness & Light.” Details for the effort are still pending, but the first single is scheduled to be released on October 22.

Elder commented:

“Some of you have probably noticed a few clips of us playing with our friends in Kadavar in their own Robotor Studios this spring. Over the past years, Elder has been split up across continents, with three members in Germany and one in the US – a difficult situation exacerbated by lockdowns and travel restrictions.

In times of this social and creative isolation, our Berlin-based members teamed up with Lupus, Tiger and Dragon to write and record some music together. We’ve been tight-lipped about this project so far, but today we’re happy to finally shed some light on our creation.

What began as an idea to just jam with a ‘let’s-see-what-happens!’ mentality became a trip on its own, and after months of digging through jam sessions, writing and re-writing parts and developing a plan not just for an improvised record but for a true concept album, we’re proud to give a first glimpse of ‘ELDOVAR: A Story of Darkness & Light’.

We’re very excited to share more details with you very soon. Stay tuned for pre-order information and a first single on October 22nd. Here’s the album artwork for starters, cover photo by Kadavar’s very own Lupus Lindemann and artwork by Max Groundstroem.”