James LaBrie (Dream Theater) Premieres “Am I Right” Video

Dream Theater frontman James LaBrie has premiered a new video for his new song “Am I Right.” This track features Theresa Thomason and it will appear on LaBrie’s new solo album “Beautiful Shade Of Grey,” which is set to be released on May 20. LaBrie commented:

“The anthemic song of the album with gorgeous chordal picking and progressions. A perfect marriage between melody and music. Extremely dynamic throughout with an epic and glorious ending.”

LaBrie’s collaborator and bassist Paul Logue added:

“This song was a real labor of love from James and I. It holds a special place in our hearts and has such emotion, feeling, melody and the climax is just fantastic!”

James LaBrie (Dream Theater) Premieres “Give & Take” Video

James LaBrie (Dream Theater) has premiered a new video for his new song “Give & Take.” This track is from his new solo album “Beautiful Shade Of Grey,” which will be released on May 20. LaBrie commented:

“This track is a take on the coercive manipulation between the corporate elite and the proletariat class. An atmospheric soundscape with beautiful feel and scope.”

LaBrie’s collaborator Paul Logue added:

“Musically ‘Give & Take’ is a nice balance of Dream Theater, Eden’s Curse and a even little Queensrÿche thrown in for good measure. The dark musical undertones allow James’s vocals to really shine whilst his lyrics take the listener on a journey through the classic tale of good versus evil.”

James LaBrie (Dream Theater) Premieres “Devil In Drag” Video

James LaBrie (Dream Theater) has premiered a new video for his new song “Devil In Drag.” This track is from his new solo album “Beautiful Shade Of Grey,” which will be released on May 20.

LaBrie said the following about the song:

“[It’s about] someone who started out as a decent human being, but along the way lost touch with their roots — over time becoming self-serving, narcissistic and devoid of principles or values. [The track] is written from the perspective of someone who’s known them all their life and, seeing them now, asking ‘what happened?'”

He also added the following about the album:

“A lot of these lyrics are dealing with the beauty of human beings, and a lot are dealing with the grey areas of the in between. You’re not exactly happy, but you’re not exactly sad either.”

“Beautiful Shade Of Grey” Track Listing:

01. “Devil In Drag”
02. “SuperNova Girl”
03. “Give And Take”
04. “Sunset Ruin”
05. “Hit Me Like a Brick”
06. “Wildflower”
07. “Conscience Calling”
08. “What I Missed”
09. “Am I Right”
10. “Ramble On”
11. “Devil In Drag” (Electric Version)

James LaBrie (Dream Theater) To Release New Solo Album “Beautiful Shade Of Gray” In May

James LaBrie (Dream Theater) is planning to release a new solo album, titled “Beautiful Shade Of Gray,” on May 20. The singer worked on the effort with Paul Logue (Eden’s Curse).

LaBrie said the following about working with Logue during a recent appearance on “The Everyman Podcast“:

“I sang on one of [EDEN’S CURSE’s] songs back in 2010 called ‘No Holy Man’; so I guest on that. And I really liked Paul’s writing. To me, Paul’s writing was more from a classical era — like the ’70s; that classic rock approach. And I had a lot of ideas in that vein.

Paul and I actually bumped into each other — you think fate isn’t there with you; holy shit… The day after we finished the show — DREAM THEATER in Glasgow [on] February 23rd [2020]. I’m waiting for my flight on the 24th to go to London and then Toronto, and Paul walks by me and he goes, ‘James!’ I’m, like, ‘Oh my God!’ He goes, ‘You know I was at the show last night.’ He kept trying to e-mail me on my old e-mail address. And he goes, ‘Listen, let me know. You wanna get together? You wanna do some writing?’ And I said, ‘I’d love to.’ At the time, I said, ‘I don’t know. Some freaky shit’s going on. You’re hearing about this virus?’ ‘Yeah. Yeah.’ [I said] ‘We’ve gotta go to Asia, then we’ve gotta go to freakin’ South America and North America and all that.’ I said, ‘So we’re probably not gonna be done till October, but why don’t we start writing then? Or why don’t we start throwing ideas back in the meantime, and I can even be on the road and working on it?’ And he goes, ‘Great.’ All of a sudden, the world closes down. So we got on it… It was probably… Everything closed down March 15th, I believe, and by March 20th, him and I were already passing ideas back and forth.”

“We started as, we said, ‘Let’s just keep it real raw and acoustic-based — that’ll be the fundamental of this album,’ and then it kind of morphed into more of an ensemble, so [with] keyboards… Marco Sfogli is playing lead guitar on all the tracks. Paul is playing all the rhythm acoustic guitars and bass. And then [my son] Chance [LaBrie] is doing drums. Christian Pulkkinen is the keyboard player, who’s a fantastic keyboard player, piano player. All the lyrics, except one, I penned.

It was really interesting how it came together, whether I’d be throwing [Paul] a riff or I’d be throwing him a melody idea that became a chorus to one of the songs or verses. And then he’d throw me back his ideas musically. And we slowly but surely put it all together. We had everybody fully involved. And it came out fantastic. The label is really stoked about it. It has that kind of ZEPPELIN-esque feel to it, but still the modern-day aspects of it as well are there. So it’s great.”

[via Blabbermouth]