I Killed The Prom Queen Release Remixed & Remastered Version Of “When Goodbye Means Forever…”

I Killed The Prom Queen have digitally released a remixed and remastered version of their 2003 album “When Goodbye Means Forever…” You can find the effort on Spotify and can also pre-order it on vinyl HERE.

Mother Of The Late Sean Kennedy (Deez Nuts, Ex-I Killed The Prom Queen) Calls For Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Awareness

It appears the death of Deez Nuts and ex-I Killed The Prom Queen bassist Sean Kennedy was the result of suicide. His mother Jo Kennedy seemingly confirmed the sad news in a new statement, while also calling for suicide prevention and mental health awareness.

Jo said the following:

“There is another pandemic that we need to address. It is not Covid 19. It is much more complicated and it has no vaccination. There will never be a vaccination.


And it is always caused by Mental Health Disease. Not mental health issues. Not mental health problems. It needs to be called MENTAL HEALTH DISEASE.

It is the single greatest cause of death in Australia. It is much larger than the road toll. It is much larger than the death toll from heart disease. It is much larger than the death toll from cancer.

Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians between the ages of 15 and 44.

Stop hiding this insidious disease behind closed doors. We need to talk more about it in the media, on social platforms, in coffee shops. Deaths on the road are reported daily. Deaths by suicide are rarely reported.


In other news, Sean’s former I Killed The Prom Queen bandmate Jona Weinhofen has also shared a new tribute:

“Sean Kennedy…where do I begin…

I’ve become somewhat more of a private person than I used to be, but to not share my stories and love for SK would be a disservice to his memory. So I’ll tell a little of my story about Sean like an episode of a beloved TV show, that slots in beautifully with all the other episodes full of wonderful stories and memories being shared by all who loved Sean.

I first met Sean Kennedy when we were very young. I had sort of noticed this kid around town and at shows, he seemed really sweet. I was selling some old equipment and Sean messaged me to buy it and come pick it up. He rocked up at mine and JJ’s old crappy apartment, probably wearing a Paul Frank scarf, Ben Sherman shirt and some nice jeans. It was funny, many of my friends would later come to refer to Sean as my “mini me” as he dressed a lot like me and was obviously a fan of IKTPQ.

A little while later IKTPQ needed a new bass player. Knowing Sean played guitar which usually can translate to bass, I mentioned him as an option to the other guys. “Hey, I know this sweet kid, he can play, he’s handsome, and he wears tight jeans.” This was pretty much the criteria for joining Prom Queen at that stage. Sean auditioned on bass and although he was obviously nervous and very quiet, he crushed it and we knew it would be a fit.

Some of my favorite stories about Sean on tour have already been told by Crafter and others. The time he was so nervous before his first show with Prom Queen at the Underground in Adelaide, that he was throwing up before our set, even though there were only like 50 people there.

The time we ran out of petrol on tour in the middle of nowhere Australia, flagged down a random trucker and sent Sean off in the dead of night to go get petrol since he was the newest member of the band, knowing he’d possibly be murdered (sorry Jo) and what seemed like hours later, he made it back and saved the day. The time he put unleaded petrol in the tour van we all knew was a diesel van, and it didn’t even make it to the outskirts of Horsham before shitting itself and we all had to figure out why

The time he destroyed the Tarago rear-ending another car and causing a pile-up coming down Anzac Highway in fog with zero visibility, and he had to switch places with JJ who had to take the rap and demerit points because Sean wasn’t old enough to be driving the rental van. The time he peed all over Action Park and then his morals kicked in and he tipped water all over the pee yelling “water will neutralise the smell!!”

The time we couldn’t afford a tour-van so we piled all the gear we could fit and everyone into Sean’s station-wagon (Kev in the dog box with the guitars of course) and literally drove his nice new car into the ground over several tours. The time Sean held the record for the longest straight drive on tour from northern east coast to Vic, around 18 hours straight driving (was probably more like 12 but my memory sucks).

The time he had to fly back to Melbourne for a court hearing for throwing a bottle at a McDonalds window and shattering it. The time we ate nothing but Boca burgers and watched movies for two weeks straight sleeping on the floor of Evergreen Terrace’s house in Florida between US tours. The time our US tour van broke down a few days in, so he and I flew from Virginia Beach to Nashville to buy another shitty tour van and drove it half the 11 hour drive with it vibrating and nearly falling apart because the wheels were out of alignment.

The time we drove in shifts around towns UK in the middle of the night just so we could have the heater on in the van so the others could sleep because we had no place to stay. The time we rocked up in a foreign country (Sweden) to record the biggest album of our career, and the airline lost our guitars, we had no place to stay so we walked around the local mall trying to find free wifi with the one laptop we owned so we could find hostel to stay at.

The time he ruined The Killers, Head Automatica, The Juliana Theory and other bands for me, by playing them on repeat while he drove on tour. The time we toured Europe for the first time and he and I were the only ones who could drive, so I always took the graveyard shift driving while I waited for him to sober up and take the 6am shift and we drove through the Swiss Alps watching the sun rise through the mountains in awe of their beauty, while the others slept.

Some of these stories may sound like negative occurrences, but they’re among my fondest memories, and are a testimonial to our adventures. That’s just what we did, half our lives were full of adventure together. We literally lived the dream and without Sean, it wouldn’t have been possible.

I have this sort of sad feeling that Sean may have never truly known his worth. A young kid from the tiny city of Adelaide, a place where barely anyone does anything noteworthy. Sean made it out and was traveling the world when he was still just a teenager.

Just years later in his early 20s, he was already garnering tens of thousands of fans around the world and influencing and inspiring young minds and aspiring musicians around the globe. And then he did it all over again with DN! SK you were a trailblazer, your presence, creativity, quirkiness, resilience, friendship, love and kindness have improved the lives of countless people.

I don’t have many regrets in life, but I do regret that our last interaction was not a positive one. We may have somewhat gone our separate paths in this life, but you were a monumental part of one of the most important periods in my life. Whether we shared the stage in front of ten thousand people, or some random floor in another part of the world…you were my friend, my family, my bandmate and I love you. Rest easy friend.

SK forever”

[via The PRP]

Sean Kennedy (Deez Nuts, Ex-I Killed The Prom Queen) Passes Away

Bassist Sean Kennedy (Deez Nuts, ex-I Killed The Prom Queen) has sadly passed away at the age of 35. Ex-I Killed The Prom Queen frontman Michael Crafter commented:

“For years we stood side by side on stage or in band photos. We slept on floors, in vans, planes and some how managed to tour the world. Time went way to fast. We experienced highs and lows on the road and after all we went through, you will always be my friend. As the years passed us by I’m glad we’ve always been there for each other. When I called you last week I didn’t think it would be the last. I wish I could say goodbye. Love and will always miss you mate. Rest In Peace.”

UNIFY Gathering Organizers Cancel I Killed The Prom Queen’s “Classic Lineup” Performance

I Killed The Prom Queen’s “classic lineup”, featuring Jona Weinhofen, Kevin Cameron, Michael Crafter, JJ Peters, and Sean Kennedy, were supposed to play a one-off show at next year’s UNIFY Gathering, but the band have since been dropped from the festival. Organizers decided to cancel the performance after receiving backlash due to past sexist comments made by Crafter.

The following statement was issued:

“Today UNIFY Gathering has made the decision, with the backing of band members, to remove I Killed The Prom Queen from the lineup for Unify Gathering 2019.

We made this decision because historical comments made on social media by former member Michael Crafter, who was to re-appear as guest singer of I Killed the Prom Queen for their one- off 2004 nostalgia set. These comments fall well short of today’s community standards and were considered deeply offensive to many people within our music community.

These comments are completely unacceptable and contrary to our deeply held values and beliefs that music is for everyone and to be enjoyed by all.

We want to create a culture of positive change within the music industry and it’s our responsibility to call out unacceptable behaviour wherever we see it.

UNIFY is committed to ensuring a safe place for anyone and everyone who wants to enjoy music. This is why we jointly launched the ‘Your Choice’ initiative, aimed at addressing cultural issues and harmful behaviour within the music festival landscape.

On reflection, we acknowledge that Michael Crafter shouldn’t have been chosen to appear at Unify Gathering 2019. We’d like to acknowledge that the members of the band have been really open and helpful in this conversation, and we wish them the best moving forward.”

Crafter has since apologized:

“Two years ago and plenty of time years previously, I said a lot of dumb stuff online to troll, cause drama and bait people to piss them off. Things I said then are not a reflection of who I am today, as two years is a long time. I completely understand why people are pissed off, and I am sorry and I really regret it. I want women to succeed in music, my daughter included if that’s the path she chooses. I’m massive on being positive and pushing yourself and think my life nowadays is a reflection on that…”

If you’re curious about what he said, the following comment has been circulating online:

I Killed The Prom Queen Announce 2016 European Tour With The Browning, Feed Her To The Sharks, Empires Fade, & To Kill Achilles

I Killed The Prom Queen have announced a summer European tour. The band will also be joined by special guests The Browning, Feed Her To The Sharks, Empires Fade, and To Kill Achilles.


Tour Dates:

08/06 Cologne, GER – Morecore Mania Festival
08/07 Nuremburg, GER – Hirsch
08/08 Zurich, SWI – Werk 21
08/09 Graz, AUT – Explosiv!
08/10 Vienna, AUT – Viper Room
08/11 Berlin, GER – Musik und Frieden
08/12 Munich, GER – Backstage
08/13 Ieper, BEL – Ieperfest (I Killed The Prom Queen only)
08/14 Bochum, GER – Matrix
08/15 Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
08/16 Misano Adriatica, ITA – Wave
08/17 Saarbrucken, GER – The Garage
08/18 Brunswick, GER – B58
08/19-20 Dessau, GER – Destruction Derby Open Air
08/20 Newhaven, UK – Hevy Open Air (I Killed The Prom Queen only)
08/21 Cardiff, UK – Throwfest
08/22 Glasgow, UK – Cathouse
08/23 Birmingham, UK – The Rainbow
08/24 Plymouth, UK – The Hub
08/25 London, UK – Dingwalls
08/26 Southampton, UK – The Social
08/27 Liege, BEL – 6k Unreal Fest
08/28 Sittard, NET – Poppodium Volt
08/29 Paris, FRA – Backstage By The Mill
08/30 Stockholm, SWE – En Arena (I Killed The Prom Queen only)
08/31 Gothenburg, SWE – Skjulet (I Killed The Prom Queen only)

I Killed The Prom Queen Announce “Music For The Recently Deceased” 10th Anniversary Australian Tour

I Killed The Prom Queen have announced an Australian tour to commemorate the 10th anniversary of their album “Music For The Recently Deceased“. You can see the dates below

Tour Dates:

04/13 Bunbury, AUS – The Prince Of Wales
04/14 Perth, AUS – Last Night
04/21 Adelaide, AUS – Fowler’s Live
04/24 Malbourne, AUS – Plastic
04/28 Brisbane, AUS – The Brightside

I Killed The Prom Queen Discuss Being Detained In Malaysia

I Killed The Prom Queen have issued a statement about their recent detainment in Malaysia. You can read that below.


“No doubt most of you have been made aware in some form of IKTPQs drama over the past weekend. Various media have made ill-informed statements of the events so we wanted to both clarify from our side, and also apologise to the many Indonesian fans let down by our forced disappearance from the amazing Rock In Solo festival. As a culmination to an otherwise fantastic SEA tour, we’re just as disappointed as you all for failure to perform this date.

To keep it brief, we were put in jail Sat-Monday due to our promoters negligence in securing us the appropriate permissions to perform in Malaysia after he received an immigration warning but failed to tell us after we explicitly asked multiple times, all the while being aware of our upcoming consequence. And by jail we mean yes, standard, 3rd world condition Malaysian prison, huddled on a wet tile floor of a 5×10 cell with 35 other inmates. It was reported we were posted up in some cushy airport hotel but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Nevertheless this post isn’t a fish for sympathy, just a clarification.

As a band who has spent the majority of the last decade performing legally worldwide, we totally understand how to operate appropriately and were majorly let down on this occasion after quadruple checking that we were “safe” to perform in this territory with no backlash. Shocked and disappointed of being flat out lied to and having our lives put in such a predicament is an understatement, especially since the initial consensus would be incarcerated for 14 days minimal, and in all honesty we were led to assume that after that time we would turn into a forgotten statistic. Scary stuff.

But however abominable we found the conditions and treatment, such nuances pale in comparison to not only the heartbreaking worldwide events of this week and the millions of individuals living in these horror conditions for much much longer. So to spare the hundreds of outrageous details of the whole ordeal, save for those close to us wanting a detailed account, we are just grateful to be back home with our friends and family and eternally grateful to M. Anderson and the Australian Embassy for the quick diligence in securing our release in record time. A big apology/ thank you/ second apology of course has to go to our drum bro Adrian Horsman from In Trenches for filling in on these shows for us and living through the… “events”

(i will add a final light/strange note that having most of the investigators/ admin of the prison gleefully wanting “fan” photo’s and signatures on posters and wearing IKTPQ shirts was like something out of the twilight zone)

thanks for all the support, and again to the SEA fans of the other dates for making it a trip that won’t be forgotten anytime soon! Heres us upon release, happy to be un-handcuffed and flying home!

–Kev on behalf of a very relieved IKTPQ”

I Killed The Prom Queen Released After Being Detained In Malaysia Due To Visa Issues

I Killed The Prom Queen were been released after being detained in Malaysia for two days, due to visa issues. You can read more about that in the below tweets:

I Killed The Prom Queen Detained In Malaysia Due To Visa Issues

I Killed The Prom Queen were supposed to play at the KL Venue in Kuala Lumpur yesterday (November 14), but they ended up getting detained in Malaysia, due to visa issues. Jona Weinhofen posted a series of tweets about the situation, which you can see below: