Evergreen Terrace On Their New Material: “Now Is The Time We Write Not Just From Personal Privileged Experience, But As Advocates Of The Unheard”

Evergreen Terrace recently offered some insight into the lyrical content that will be featured in their new music. The band said the following:

“Some of you won’t like what we have to say in this new material. Some of you prefer vague references to “relationships.” Some of you prefer your musical digestion to have no political additives. Some of you prefer breakdowns over lyrical content. We don’t give a fuck. Listen to Trapt if that’s your preference. (Not that they have breakdowns) We have, historically, spoken out via lyrical content but now, more than ever, it’s our obligation to speak out even more. Black lives matter. LGBTQ lives matter. Our collective freedom matters. Fuck systemic racism. Fuck inequality. Now is the time we write not just from personal privileged experience, but as advocates of the unheard. I hope we do you justice.”