Endur (Periphery) Premiere New Song “Death Angel”, Reveal Details For Debut Album “American Parasite“

Endur, the project featuring Periphery’s Spencer Sotelo, have premiered a new song titled “Death Angel.” This song is from the debut album “American Parasite,“ whcih will be released on October 27.

“American Parasite“ Track Listing:

01. “White Noise”
02. “Death Angel”
03. “All of them Witches”
04. “Coven”
05. “Infestation”
06. “American Parasite”
07. “Hyperdrive”
08. “Abduction”
09. “Loosh Sucker”
10. “Astral”
11. “Dream Eater”
12. “The Possessed”
13. “Light Angel”