Avatar Premiere “A Statue Of The King” Video, Reveal Details For New Album “Avatar Country”

Avatar have premiered a new video for their new song “A Statue Of The King.“ This track is from their new album “Avatar Country,” which will be released on January 12.

“Avatar Country” Track Listing:

01. “Glory to Our King”
02. “Legend of The King”
03. “The King Welcomes You to Avatar Country”
04. “King’s Harvest”
05. “The King Wants You”
06. “The King Speaks”
07. “A Statue of the King”
08. “King After King”
09. “Silent Songs of the King Pt 1: Winter Comes When the King Dreams of Snow”
10. “Silent Songs of the King Pt 2: The King’s Palace”

The band commented:

“As art is eternal, so is Avatar Country, and so is our King. These laws of the universe results in an audiovisual masterpiece which is eternal squared. In agreement with the Royal Television (Kungliga Televisionen, KTV), we have chosen to let this be accessible to non citizens through the ”Youtube.” Glory to our King!

The Chamber of Digital Delights and Downloadable Data Dedicated to Decidedly Done Depictions of the King has agreed with the Royal Court to release “A Statue Of The King” as an iTunes instant gratification track. Potential Citizens who pre order Avatar Country on iTunes will receive the song as an immediate download. A Statue Of The King is available on all streaming services now.

Avatar the band, featuring His Royal Highness The King and his elite backing orchestra will release their seventh full length, Avatar Country on January 12, 2018 via Entertainment One in North America and Century Media rest of world. A staff member of the Court comments:

We see this as our opportunity to finally show the world the glory of ‘Avatar Country’ and our King. The album contains the expected superior examples of how metal should and must sound today and for all eternity. Plus, also included is a new rendition of our national anthem and audio recordings from some of the finest moments of the King’s history of public speaking.

‘Avatar Country’ will also serve as the highly anticipated followup to ‘Feathers and Flesh,’ which debuted at #5 Hard Music, #7 Indie, #12 Rock, #31 Current, #9 Overall and #88 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. It was produced by Jay Ruston at Spinroad Recording Studios in Gothenburg Sweden.

The King and His Band will go on a series of state visits all over the world this winter and spring with honorary Citizens The Brains and sideshow extraordinaire Hellzapoppin. Patriots may remember Hellzapoppin from the King’s 2012 music video for their single “Black Waltz.”

North American dates will kick off in Columbus, OH on January 6th at the Newport Music Hall and stretch coast to coast before coming to a theatrical close at The Intersection in Grand Rapids. European dates starts in Utrecht March 13 and will be concluded in Avatar Country twin city Gothenburg on April 7.


Tour Dates:

With The Brains & Hellzapoppin:

01/06 Columbus, OH – Newport Music Hall
01/07 Toronto, ON – The Opera House
01/09 Montreal, QC – Astral
01/11 New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre
01/12 Boston, MA – Brighton
01/13 Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Soundstage
01/14 Philadelphia, PA – Theatre Of Living Arts
01/16 Louisville, KY – Mercury Ballroom
01/17 Atlanta, GA – The Buckhead Theatre
01/18 New Orleans, LA – House Of Blues
01/19 Houston, TX – House Of Blues
01/20 Dallas, TX – House Of Blues
01/21 San Antonio, TX – The Aztec Theatre
01/23 Tempe, AZ – The Marquee
01/24 Los Angeles, CA – Regent Theater
01/25 Sacramento, CA – Ace Of Spades
01/28 Seattle, WA – Studio Seven
01/30 Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex
01/31 Denver, CO – Summit Music Hall
02/01 Lincoln, NE – Bourbon Theatre
02/02 Chicago, IL – The Bottom Lounge
02/03 Green Bay, WI – Sand Lot
02/05 Lawrence, KS – Granada
02/07 Detroit, MI – St. Andrew’s Hall
02/08 Cleveland, OH – House Of Blues
02/09 Indianapolis, IN – Deluxe
02/10 Milwaukee, WI – The Rave II
02/11 Grand Rapids, MI – Intersection

With Hellzapoppin & Ole Kerry McKee:

03/13 Utrecht, NET – Tivoli Vredenburg
03/14 Paris, FRA – Le Trianon
03/15 Lille, FRA – Le Splendid
03/16 London, UK – Islington Assembly Hall
03/17 Sint-Niklaas, BEL – De Casino
03/18 Cologne, GER – Luxor
03/20 Remis, FRA – La Cartonnerie
03/21 Nimes, FRA – Paloma
03/22 Cognac, FRA – West Rock
03/23 Bilbao, SPA – Sala Santana 27
03/24 Madrid, SPA – Sala Mon Live
03/25 Barcelona, SPA – Sala Bikini
03/26 Lyon, FRA – Le Transbordeur
03/27 Geneva, SWI – L’Usine
03/28 Zurich, SWI – Dynamo
03/29 Milan, ITA – Alcatraz
04/01 Munich, GER – Technikum
04/02 Prague, CZE – Lucerna Music Bar
04/03 Berlin, GER – Bi Nuu
04/04 Hamburg, GER – Gruenspan
04/05 Copenhagen, DEN – Pumpehuset
04/06 Stockholm, SWE – Klubben Fryhuset
04/07 Göteborg, SWE – Tradgarn


Avatar Premiere “New Land” Music Video

Avatar have premiered a new video for their song “New Land.” This song is from the band’s latest album, “Feathers & Flesh,” which is available now. The clip features the band heading to the newly discovered planets in the TRAPPIST-1 system.

Jonas “Kungen” Jarlsby said the following:

“The ‘new land’ mission will focus primarily on finding life and sustainable living conditions. Secondly we will look for harvestable resources such as various types of metal, lead, copper, zinc, thrash, death… that sort of thing. How do I turn this off? I’m thirsty! Where is my mead? And where are your pants? Wait, is this thing still recording?! The mission will be aired LIVE on Avatar Country state television, KTV (Kungliga Television). For people abroad, unable to watch the event as it is happening, a summary can be seen above on AvatarVEVO today. Glory to Avatar Country! Glory to our King!”

Avatar Premiere “Night Never Ending” Music Video

Avatar have premiered a new video for their song “Night Never Ending.” This song is from the band’s latest album, “Feathers & Flesh,” which is available now.

Johannes Eckerström told Alternative Press the following:

“It’s is a special song, being probably the most upbeat and, dare I say, happy piece we’ve ever released. But under the surface of the fragile message of hope and fighting spirit it is little more than a prelude to a tragedy, and that is what we set out to capture when we decided to make a video for it.”

“It is very close to my heart for being the one video where there is no ‘rocking out’ going on, and we get to capture a side of Avatar that is just as integral as the good, headbanging times we love sharing with our supporters all around the world. There are few things in this world as beautiful and fascinating as contrasts and this is what all of Feathers & Flesh is all about. Hope and tragedy.”

Avatar Premiere “The Eagle Has Landed” Music Video

Avatar have premiered a new video for their song “The Eagle Has Landed.” This song is from the band’s new concept album, “Feathers & Flesh,” which will be released on May 13.

Johannes Eckerström said the following:

“During the past few months I’ve ended up saying “this is our most ambitious work to date” quite a bit, but this one takes the cake. While still keeping it in the family we’ve created yet a new universe for everyone to get immersed in.

A fable is a metaphor to explore the human condition and we’ve taken it one step further, zooming in on one song and what it has to say in and out of itself beyond the frames of the concept of ‘Feathers & Flesh.’”

This is the story of five conmen traveling around the land, selling their snake oil to the easily persuaded people of the soil. Often when we want karma to bite someone’s ass the most, they always seem to get away.

It was fun to play the bad guy for once. I think the visuals and our treatment of the classic one take-concept speaks for itself. This is one of those you’ll want to watch over and over again. I know I’m already doing just that. Enjoy!”

Avatar Premiere New Song “Tooth, Beak & Claw”

Avatar have premiered a new song titled “Tooth, Beak & Claw,” via Loudwire. This song is from the band’s new concept album, “Feathers & Flesh,” which will be released on May 13.

Johannes Eckerström said the following:

“‘Tooth, Beak & Claw‘ is epic, massive death metal designed to make you want to dance. It’s the Beach Boys reporting in from Valhalla. It’s a gang of zombie surfers riding the waves of Hades.”

Avatar Premiere New Song “The Eagle Has Landed”

Avatar have premiered a new song titled “The Eagle Has Landed,” via Revolver. This song is from the band’s new concept album, “Feathers & Flesh,” which will be released on May 13.

Johannes Eckerström said the following:

“You’ve heard Owl’s hunting hymn. Now it’s time for Eagle’s mission statement. Just as he crashes into the world of his adversary, we will come crashing into your lives, screaming at the top of our lungs.

We’re still very early in the story and without giving away too much, I can say that things are about to change rapidly.

The riff is a towel, the melody is water and y’all are about to get boarded. Have fun!”

Avatar Premiere New Songs “Regret” & “House Of Eternal Hunt”

Avatar have premiered two new songs titled “Regret” & “House Of Eternal Hunt,” via Metal Injection. These songs are from the band’s new concept album, “Feathers & Flesh,” which will be released on May 13.

Johannes Eckström said the following:

“What you have is the beginning of the story and all the light and darkness of things to come! We meet our protagonist, Owl as she lies dying, looking back on the night that would be her last. Regret is about, well regret! Staring into the cold eyes of Death, she wishes to change everything, to go back, to live again.

This leads us to House of Eternal Hunt. It is how things used to be; how they were supposed to be. That is how the tale starts, with a predator ruling the sky on the night that would turn out to be her last!

With this concept and these tracks, we want to give you the past, present and, more than anything else, the future of metal as we see it. It is the beginning of an epic journey and we’re glad to have you along for the trip.”

In other news, the band have also announced a 2016 U.S. tour:

04/30 Fort Myers, FL – Fort Rock
05/01 Jacksonville, FL – Welcome To Rockville
05/02 TBA – TBA
05/04 New York, NY – Highline (feat. Sunflower Dead)
05/06 Concord, NC – Carolina Rebellion
05/07 TBA – TBA
05/08 Pittsburgh, PA – Altar Bar (feat. Sunflower Dead)
05/09 Lancaster, PA – Chameleon Club (feat. Sunflower Dead)
05/10 TBA – TBA
05/11 Flint, MI – The Machine Shop (feat. Sunflower Dead)
05/12 Battle Creek, MI – Music Factory (feat. Sunflower Dead)
05/13 Green Bay, WI – Riverside Ballroom (feat. Sunflower Dead)
05/14 Somerset, WI – Northern Invasion
05/15 Minot, ND – Original Bar (feat. Wilson)
05/17 Waterloo, IA – Spicoli’s (feat. Wilson)
05/18 TBA – TBA
05/19 Libertyville, IL – Austin’s (feat. Wilson)
05/20 Columbus, OH – Rock On The Range
05/21 Albany, NY – Rock ‘N Derby Fest
05/22 Baltimore, MD – Soundstage (feat. Sunflower Dead)
05/24 Johnson City, TN – Capone’s (feat. Wilson)
05/25 Montgomery, AL – Rock Bottom (feat. Wilson)
05/26 Mobile, AL – Soul Kitchen (feat. Sunflower Dead)
05/27 Houston, TX – Scout Bar (feat. Sunflower Dead)
05/28 Norman, OK – Rocklahoma
05/29 San Antonio, TX – Rockfest