Fire From The Gods Release “Soul Revolution: Acoustic Vibes” EP

Fire From The Gods have released a new acoustic EP titled “Soul Revolution: Acoustic Vibes.” The effort features four tracks including stripped versions of “Soul Revolution,” “Thousand Lifetimes,” “World So Cold,” and “Be Free.” You can find a video for “Be Free ” below:

AJ Channer said the following about the video:

“People often ask ‘who are your fans? What type of artist do you want to be?’ and I can never answer that question because honestly I don’t know. I’ve been to so many places and interacted with so many different people. That has had a profound effect on me. I am 100% sure that I only want to spread a message of inner strength and unity, and this song is that message. I’ve directed quite a few music videos but only one for FFTG. I knew I had to do this one because I wanted to give our fans a real shout out from a real place. I didn’t add any of the bells and whistles. We made them look like home movies because home is where the heart is and FFTG is about that. Having heart. Life is rough. Life is beautiful. There are good times and there are bad times, but no matter what you’re going through just breathe and be free.”

He also added the following about the song:

“If I had to pick one song from ‘Soul Revolution’ that fully embodied where my mental state was while writing this record, it would be ‘Be Free.’ Why? Because our music is essentially about freedom. Life is a struggle–I know about that struggle, and I know our fans do too. We love our fans because they are real people. They love this band because we’re real people. I’m honest and not afraid to talk about that everyday bullsh*t. I know, and they know, what it is to have your back pushed against the wall. No matter what you’re up against, sometimes you gotta let it go and just be free.”

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