The Halo Effect Digitally Release “The Path Of Fierce Resistance”

The Halo Effect (ex-In Flames) have given a digital release to their song “The Path Of Fierce Resistance.” That track was previously only available on the Japanese edition of their debut album “Days Of The Lost.“

Mikael Stanne commented:

“‘Path Of Fierce Resistance’ is a song we wrote for the ‘Days Of The Lost’ album but it only surfaced on the limited Japanese edition and it has been very close to us and having it here now for all to hear feels fantastic.

The new album is in the works and we are incredibly excited about it, so consider this as something to keep you guys going until we unveil what is coming next.

The song is another Jesper [Strömblad] and Niclas [Engelin] classic that features everything that we love doing together in this band. Lyrically it deals with unrealistic expectations and about how important it is to follow one’s own path and be adamant about it no matter what.

We start our tour in the U.S. on the 20th of May and we are beyond stoked to bring this band to America for the first time. Do not miss this!”

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