VEXED Premiere “Anti-Fetish” Music Video

VEXED have premiered a new video for their new song “Anti-Fetish.” This track is from the band’s new album “Negative Energy,” which will be released on June 23.

The band said the following about the song:

“We wanted to start with a huge riff and a strong message. Anti-Fetish is us confronting the constant comparisons and ungrounded hate that bands receive. It’s become completely accepted in the scene to cross the line of constructive criticism and just dive bomb into hatred and prejudice. This song is us setting the record straight by calling out the blatant discrimination.”

They also added the following about the album:

“We are so proud to present to you our second album. Since our first release, we have each endured traumatic experiences, surrounded by death, betrayal, pain and grief. In order to find any strength, we first had to accept that we weren’t okay, then take our trauma and face it head on, sharing our vulnerability, fears and weaknesses. Instead of forcing ourselves to try and be positive we put all our negative energy into the album in order to begin our own repair and to overcome.”

“Negative Energy” track listing:

01. “PTSD”
02. “Anti-Fetish”
03. “We Don’t Talk About It”
04. “X My ❤ (Hope To Die)”
05. “Panic Attack”
06. “Lay Down Your Flowers” (feat. Lochie Keogh of Alpha Wolf)
07. “There’s No Place Like Home”
08. “Extremist”
09. “Default”
10. “Trauma Euphoria”
11. “It’s Not The End”
12. “DMT”
13. “Nepotism”

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