Defiled Premiere “Off-Limits” Music Video

Defiled have premiered a new video for their new song “Off-Limits.” This track is from the band’s new album “The Highest Level,” which will be released on April 28. Frontman Yusuke Hamada commented:

“We’re very happy to unveil the announcement of our upcoming album, ‘The Highest Level.’ First of all, please take a look at our PV, ‘Off-Limits.’ It’s the first track from the album and it’s a very straightforward tune for headbanging. If you like it, stay tuned for our new album. We think it won’t disappoint you. Thank you very much!”

“The Highest Level” Track Listing:

01. “Off-Limits”
02. “Stealth”
03. “The Highest Level”
04. “Entrapped”
05. “The Status Quo”
06. “Warmonger”
07. “Demonization”
08. “Inquisition”
09. “Madness Accelerated”
10. “Delusion”
11. “Only the Strongest Survive”
12. “Red World”
13. “The Last Straw”
14. “Requiem”
15. “The Speech”

Tour Dates:

04/28 Yokohama, JAP – El Puente
04/29 Tokyo, JAP – Earthdom
04/30 Sendai, JAP – Solfa
05/01 Koriyama, JAP – Peak Action
05/02 Niigata, JAP – Flower Pop
05/03 Nagano, JAP – The Venue
05/04 Nagoya, JAP – Daytrive
05/05 Kyoto, JAP – Trust
05/06 Osaka, JAP – Hokage
05/07 Takamatsu, JAP – Toonice
05/08 Syunan, JAP – Rise
05/09 Fukuoka, JAP – Reflex
05/10 Okayama, JAP – Ark
06/09 Tokyo, JAP – WWW (feat. Vader and Hate)
06/10 Nagoya, JAP – Holiday Next (feat. Vader and Hate)
06/11 Osaka, JAP – Zeela (feat. Vader and Hate)

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