Joe Lynn Turner To Release New Album “Belly Of The Beast” In October

Joe Lynn Turner (ex-Rainbow, ex-Deep Purple) has announced that he will be releasing a new album, titled “Belly Of The Beast,” on October 28. The effort was produced by Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain) and a lyric video for its title track can be found below:

“Belly Of The Beast” Track Listing:

01. “Belly Of The Beast”
02. “Black Sun”
03. “Tortured Soul”
04. “Rise Up”
05. “Dark Night Of The Soul”
06. “Tears Of Blood”
07. “Desire”
08. “Don’t Fear The Dark”
09. “Fallen World”
10. “Living The Dream”
11. “Requiem”

Turner said the following about the album:

“‘Belly Of The Beast’ is a phrase we’ve heard over and over again in history. You can trace the cults and corruption all over the world back to prophecies in the Bible. It feels like it’s coming to fruition these days. When you look at the book of Revelation, there it is. I’ve always dipped into esoteric knowledge, hermeticism, occultism, Bible research, eclectic philosophy. I’ve been fascinated with discovery of hidden mysteries. We are in a true spiritual war right now. It’s good versus evil. We’ve all got an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. We’re in the belly of the beast, trapped in the system, and there’s no way out of it. The album addresses this.”

He also added the following about working with Tägtgren:

“It happened completely by accident, but some of the best things happen by accident. I was not very familiar with Peter’s bands Pain and Hypocrisy, but when we met, I loved his personality, and I felt like we had a chemistry together. On the writing side, you have to change and grow to mature. I had this in me. As far as pushing into a heavy vein, Peter said, ‘Joe adapted his voice,’ which is the truth. It’s still me though. I kept it dirty, gritty, and metal.”

Turner commented on the newly released title track as well:

“It’s all about the ritual and the serpent god of fear, which is Lucifer. Who creates the spell upon mankind. If you believe in good, you must believe in evil. It’s the yin and yang of life. They must co-exist, it’s simple physics. This track had an evil flavor, so upon listening, the story line was obvious to me. Peter sprang the double-time chorus on me, and we went for it.”

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